Trading goods has moved to virtual space. Market boundaries have collapsed as digital solutions are being sold worldwide, pushing the knowledge-based economy to thrive. Christian Keszthelyi discusses the internationalisation potential and successes of Malta-based companies with lecturer Joe Schembri (Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy, University of Malta). Read More
A reinforced concrete water tower, dated from the early 20th century and a unique reminder of Malta’s industrial heritage, was in desperate need of extensive repair and attention. Combining a wealth of expertise, cutting edge technology, and a community of support, Prof. Ruben Paul Borg and Prof. Edward Gatt tell Becky Catrin Jones how they brought a new lease of life to an important aspect of modern history. Read More
Timed Cities, such as those being planned for Milan and Paris, are aimed to change the way cities work. The idea is to create a community where all amenities are within walking distance. Sam Shingles from THINK gets in touch with researchers at the University of Malta who are examining what these timed cities would look like in the Maltese Islands. Read More
As our climate degrades, the consequences are felt even on a microscopic level. E. coli, a bacteria responsible for severe food-poisoning, seems to be benefitting from the crisis. Andrew Firbank speaks with PhD researcher Styliani Roufou to discover the consequences that this could have for the dairy sector. Read More
John Paul Azzopardi, uses some unique materials to create his works of art. Using rabbit and chicken bones, he has managed to create complex artworks. But why this particular medium? And what's the underlying message? Read More
Video games might not be your first thought when it comes to comedy. Some people doubt whether games can even pull it off. THINK gets in touch with Dr Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone to talk about how comedy works in video games. Read More
Life and death maintain a reciprocal relationship – one gives meaning to the other. From a psychological perspective, acknowledging one’s mortality is necessary to start using one’s days to the fullest, for without death, we are stagnant. Read More
The latest IPCC report on climate change offered the world a stark warning. Timothy Alden speaks to academic Prof. Simone Borg, Malta’s Ambassador for Climate Action and Chairperson of the University of Malta’s Climate Platform and the National Climate Action Board. She recently reiterated the Maltese Islands vulnerability to climate change. Read More