You are the staircase Norbert Francis Attard Scientists consulted: Prof. Alex Felice Location: Merchant Street Sponsors: Nexos Lighting Technology, Kee-Klamps... Read More
  Liliana Fleri Soler Scientists consulted: Dr Edward Duca Location: Merchant Street, St James Cavalier, now located in the Biology... Read More
Raphael Vella Scientists consulted: Dr Mario Valentino and his team Location: In front of the National Library, Pjazza Reġina, Republic... Read More
Emmanuel Bonnici Scientists consulted: Roberta M. Rizzo Location: St George’s Square Sponsor: St James Cavalier... Read More
Chris Briffa Architects. Team: Chris Briffa, Justin Schembri, Joe Galea, Michael Quinton, Alex Spiteri Gingell, Andrew Doneo, Ryan Xuereb, Lily Agius,... Read More