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Brodu – Intimita’. A Maltese masterpiece to share with your loved ones



Book: Norwegian Wood
Most of us know it as that song by The Beatles, but Norwegian Wood is also a bittersweet novel looking back at a person’s college life in Japan. Essential Haruki Murakami!


Podcast: SERIAL
Investigative journalism podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig, Serial tells one story—a true story—over the course of a season. If you liked Making a Murderer, check this one out.


YouTube: The School of Life
Whether it’s love, success, or human nature, The School of Life offers insight on topics we all relate to through the most charming animations.


Movie: 20th Century Women
If the warm, 70s-inspired tones and cinematography in this film don’t warm your heart, 20th Century Women’s ending surely will.


TV: Black Mirror
Bandersnatch. You really can’t be too surprised about this one. Watch it with a friend and see what happens when your choices impact the narrative. Drop everything. Watch it now. Go.


 Instagram: Scott Portelli
Award-winning wildlife photographer Scott Portelli brings out the David Attenborough in all of us.

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