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  • The Gozo Observer is published twice a year and contains articles relating to all aspects of life in Gozo, including culture, education, business, arts and literature. It is distributed without charge, upon request, to interested readers. Printable versions (PDF) of the following issues are available:




  • Editorial 
  • A Small Breeding Population of Barn Swallows in Gozo
  • A Description of Gozo at the Turn of the Eighteenth Century
  • From Midwives to Funeral Directors: The Attard-Gatt Connection
  • Ogygia
  • Cittadella: the Re-Discovered Treasure
  • Book Review: Gozitan Crossings
  • Recent Activities at the University Gozo Campus    




  • Editorial
  • When the Beaches Turn Blue
  • A Description of Gozo at the Turn of the Eighteenth Century
  • The Maltese Elites and their Obituaries (1815 - c.1900)
  • Ġużeppi Mercieca (1928-2016) – The Bishop who came from Gozo
  • Book Review: A Decade of Australian Qala Association 1995-2005
  • Book Review: Ix-Xewkija. Il-Wirt Reliġjuż
  • Recent Activities at the University Gozo Campus




  • Editorial
  • The Xagħra (Gozo) Windmill: Marcello Xicluna - The First Miller
  • Fortunato Mizzi, 5 July 1844 - 18 May 1905
  • The Economic Situation in Gozo - Statistical Findings and Opinions
  • The Queen and Gozo: Elizabeth II on the Island of Calypso
  • Edward Lear in Gozo in March 1866 - 150 year ago
  • Book Review: Slavery, Malta at the Crossroads
  • Book Review: Profili ta' Kittieba Għawdxin
  • Book Review: The Rotunda. A Testament to Faith, Courage and Love
  • Recent Activities at the University Gozo Campus




  • Editorial
  • The Practice of Medicine in Gozo 200 Years Ago
  • Maestro Vincenzo Caruana Spiteri
  • Għarb
  • The Lore of Turkish Raids on Gozo
  • Lace Day 2015 - An Important Annual Event at the Gozo Campus
  • Book Review: The Gozo-Malta Connection 1973-2013
  • Book Review: L-Għammiedi - 170 Sena L-Għaxqa tax-Xewkin
  • Recent Activities at the University Gozo Campus





  • Editorial
  • Gozo After the Siege of Malta: A study of the Acts of Notary Tomaso Gauci 1566-68
  • Wied il-Mielaħ and Wied il-Għasri as Attractions for Rural Tourism
  • An Uncharacteristic Success
  • Fifty Years Ago - The Storm that took Gozo by Surprise
  • Gozo Tourism: Figuring the Figures
  • Ta' Sannat
  • Book Review: Imxi ftit passi miegħi: Għażla ta' Poeżiji 1973-2013  
  • Book Review: Il-Viżta Appostolika ta' Monsinjur Pietru Dusina f'Għawdex fis-Sena 1575
  • Recent Activities at the University Gozo Campus






  • Editorial
  • Barumbari, Giren and Mġiebaħ - Vernacular Gems in oblivion
  • Gozo Immersion: Reality-to-virtual Framework
  • With Remarkable Love - Gozo, 150 Years a Dioces
  • 'Hain Selem' - The Village that Flourished around a Spring
  • Studying the History of Lace Making
  • Recent Activities at the University Gozo Campus 






  • Editorial
  • Saverio Colombo Pluchinotta: a Young Sicilian Patrician in Gozo (1890)
  • The Woman in Gozitan Folklore 
  • The Village of Żebbuġ, Gozo - Its Parish and Titular Statue 
  • Surnames as an Indication of Demographic Changes in Gozo 
  • The Creation and Management of Artificial Wrecks 
  • Enhancing Emotional Literacy through PSD 
  • Book Review: De Soldanis: an eighteenth century intellectual
  • Book Review:  Maltese for Foreigners 
  • Recent Activities at the University of Malta - Gozo Campus





  • Editorial
  • The Polio Epidemic in Gozo
  • Burnout and Well-being: An Incremental Validity Study
  • The Xewkija Parish
  • The Woman in Gozitan Folklore
  • Of Human and Satire in Clerical Circles: A Gozitan Perspective
  • Lorenzo Zammit Haber: Unsung Gozitan Patriot
  • Book Review: Fil-Aħħ u l-Baħħ. Poeżiji minn ġol-Paraxut tat-Tama
  • Book Review: Kwadri tal-Imgħoddi
  • Recent Activities at the University of Malta - Gozo Campus





  • Editorial
  • The Origin of the Name of Gozo
  • A Bill to Reform the Courts in Gozo
  • Spatial Preparedness for Green Criminology
  • Infectious Diseases During the First World War in Gozo
  • The Xagħra Monumental Church
  • Book Review: Stones of Faith. Tombstones, Funerary Rites, and Customs at the Gozo Matrice
  • Book Review: Victor Vella. L-Imgħallem Bennej tas-Santwarju Ta' Pinu
  • Recent Activities at the University of Malta - Gozo Campus





  • Editorial
  • The Mahras of Gozo Before 1530
  • Under and On Canvas - Paul Camilleri-Cauchi
  • The Art and Architecture of Twentieth Century Gozo
  • The Monumental Church of Nadur
  • Book Review: The Church of St Cecilia on the Island of Gozo
  • Peasant Costumes: Insights into Rural Life and Society: An Exhibition Review
  • The Scottish-Gozitan Connection
  • Recent Activities at the University of Malta - Gozo Campus




  • Editorial
  • Three Crabs, and a Gozo Connection
  • Managing Gozo’s Marine Protected Areas
  • Geological and Geomorphological Aspects of the Żebbuġ and Marsalforn Region 
  • Victoria: 125 Years of City Status 1887 – 10 June 2012 
  • The Frightening Tremors of January 1693
  • Why ‘Lace Studies’ at Academic Level? 
  • 25th Edition of the Gozo Observer
  • Recent Activities at the University of Malta - Gozo Campus





  • Editorial 
  • The Genesis of Tertiary Education in Gozo
  • It is Time to be Bold and Ambitious
  • Mamo’s Door-snail - Dussies ta’ Għawdex
  • GUG - Gozitans’ Voice at University
  • Mitt Sena mit-Twelid tal-Professur Gużè Aquilina
  • Two Former UGC Students obtain their Ph.D.
  • Book Review: Salvu Attard. Il-Maġistrat tal-Qala 1886-1972
  • Book Review: Nidħol ħdejn l-altar ta’ Alla
  • Recent Activities at the University of Malta - Gozo Campus






  • Editorial
  • The Defence of Gozo at the Turn of the Eighteenth Century
  • Gaudos
  • Gozitan Christmas Lore and Traditions
  • Mariroż Gatt: a late nineteenth century renowned Gozitan midwife 
  • Migration from Gozo: 1870-72 
  • Master of Arts in Islands and Small States 
  • The Wistin Camilleri School of Fine Arts 
  • A Multicultural Annual Conference in Gozo 
  • Recent Activities at the University of Malta - Gozo Campus





  • Editorial: The Future Face of Gozo
  • A Tale of Two Frogs
  • Crime Mapping: A Gozitan Scenario Using the RISC Methodology
  • The Treasures at the NAG - the National Archives Gozo
  • A Green Island in the Sun
  • Nadur and its Countryside
  • Il-Campus
  • The Lace Programme at the Gozo Campus
  • The First EU funded UOM course in Gozo
  • Recent Activities at the University of Malta - Gozo Campus

Other Publications

  • Calleja, J. and Camilleri Rolls, C. (2012). The University Gozo Campus - Twenty Years on
  • Calleja, J. (2007). The University Gozo Centre - Fifteen Years on - Cover / Text
  • Cauchi, M. (2002). From Vision to Reality - Text
  • Cauchi, M. (2002). Gozo Past and Present
  • Halsam S.M. and Borg J. (2001). Let's Go To Wied il-Lunzjata
  • Briguglio, Lino (editor) (2000). The Impact of EU Membership on the Island Region of Gozo
  • Farrugia, J. and Briguglio, L. (1996). A Focus on Gozo
  • Briguglio, L. and Bezzina, J. (1995). Gozo and its Culture
  • Briguglio, L. (1994). Tourism in Gozo.

More information about these publications is available from the University of Malta Gozo Campus.

Time-tables of lectures - Semester 1 2017/18
Time-tables of courses being held at the Gozo Campus for Academic Year 2017/18 - Semester 1
Courses at the University Gozo Campus - OCTOBER 2017
The University of Malta will be offering a number of courses at the University Gozo Campus.
The Gozo Observer - Issue 35
The University Gozo Campus has just published the 35th issue of The Gozo Observer
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