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Volume 28 Issue 1, 2016

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Expanding student, shrinking paediatric cohorts . . .
Current challenges in undergraduate teaching in Paediatrics

Simon Attard Montalto

Original Article

Bisphosphonates: a cost benefit analysis patient

Sarah Cuschieri, Stephan Grech, Ray Gatt

Investing in the health of the 41-60 year old: Reaping the return in the 60+ population?

Antonella Sammut, Neville Calleja, John Cachia

Glycaemic control in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus in Malta (2013 - 2014)

Nancy Formosa, John Torpiano

Treatment of psoriasis with biologic agents in Malta

Liam Mercieca, Michael J. Boffa, Eileen Clark, Lawrence Scerri, Susan Aquilina

A review of attendances at Paediatric Accident and Emergency Department at Mater Dei Hospital for neurological complaints Patient

Bettina Duca, Amaris Spiteri, Adriana Cappello, Stephen Attard

Orthogeriatrics in Malta: a 3 year experience

Paul Zammit, Peter Ferry, John Cordina, Mark Vassallo, Stephanie Dalli, Antoine Vella, Vincent Bugeja, Jeffrey Muscat, Kristian Zammit

The effect of community-based drug rehabilitation programs on recidivism in Malta

Claire Axiak

Referral tickets to secondary healthcare: is communication effective?

Matthew Cassar, Janine Mifsud, Daniel Vella Fondacaro, Joseph Debono

Terrorist attacks and the male to female ratio at birth: The bombings of Madrid (3/2004) and London (7/2005)

Victor Grech, Julian Mamo

Case Report

Laparoscopic omentoplasty and split skin graft for deep sternal wound infection and dehiscence patient

David Sladden, Francis. X. Darmanin, Benedict Axisa, Kevin Schembri, Joseph Galea


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