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Victor Grech

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Volume 25 Issue 3, 2013

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Publish, but do not perish in the open access model

Victor Grech

Original Article

Coronary artery bypass surgery in the elderly: is it worthwhile?

Alexander Manché

School indoor air quality and allergen exposure

Peter Fsadni, Stephen Montefort

Does a simple educational exercise influence practice in acute tonsillitis in children?

Shirley Mulvaney, Simon Attard Montalto

Factors determining gender ratio in the Maltese population

Stephanie Savona-Ventura, Charles Savona-Ventura

Secular trends and latitude gradients in sex ratios at birth in Australia and New Zealand (1950- 2010) demonstrate uncharacteristic homogeneity

Victor Grech

Simple measures can improve care in our hospitals - an audit of venous thromboembolism practice

Thomas Lofaro, Stephanie Azzopardi, Sarah Busuttil, John Cordina

Case Report

Empty nose syndrome: Case report

Saleh Khaled Aboud, Aini AB Aziz

Review Article

Portal vein thrombosis: A case report and literature review

James Gauci, Sarah Cuschieri, Mario Vassallo

When the gut leaks

Edgar Pullicino

Original Article

Overview of the blood transfusion policy in preterms on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Valerie Said Conti, Eugenio Azzopardi, Raymond Parascandalo, Paul Soler, Simon Attard Montalto

The rise of pertussis in Malta in 2011- a case for adolescent and adult pertussis booster vaccination

Anthony Gatt, Alexia Bezzina, Amanda Saliba, David Pace, Victoria Farrugia Sant’Angelo


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