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Volume 28 Issue 2, 2016

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MRCP clinical exam in Malta

Stephen Montefort

Original Article

The cost of blood in paediatric oncology patients

Ian Baldacchino, Sarah Bezzina, Daniela Balzan, Gabriella Balzan, Daniel Debattista, Victor Calvagna

Male patients commencing FOLFOX/ FOLFIRI chemotherapy in 2014, descriptive statistics

Ameer A Alarayedh, Mohamed A Almuqamam

Maltese doctors: views and experiences on end of life decisions and care

Jurgen Abela, Pierre Mallia

Functional results following surgical repair of post-traumatic hand tendon injuries

Mark Bugeja, Max Mifsud, Jason Zammit

A review of diabetic patients’ knowledge in a high prevalent European country – Malta

Sarah Cuschieri, Daniel Borg, Sean Pace, Francesca Camilleri

Video-EEG Long Term Monitoring as a new service at Mater Dei Hospital

Gilbert Gravino, Bernard Galea, Doriette Soler, Norbert Vella, Josanne Aquilina

Challenges in the management of Phenylketonuria in Malta

Stephen Attard, Simon Attard Montalto

Case Report

A unique case of esophageal perforation caused by prickly pears

Hermann K. Borg Xuereb, Stefan Malaguti

An unusual case of intertrigo in an adult caused by purely cutaneous Langerhans cell histiocytosis

Godfrey Baldacchino, Michael J. Boffa, Alexandra Betts, Alex Gatt

Syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone secretion (SIADH) and posterior cerebral artery ischaemic event: two uncommon complications following posterior fossa decompression

Simon Mifsud, Emma Louise Schembri, Antoine Zrinzo


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