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 Faculty Research Ethics Committees (FRECs)

Faculty of Arts

Dr Gillian Martin (Chairperson)

Dr Mario Aquilina 

Dr Jean-Paul Baldacchino 

Dr Ritienne Gauci

Dr Marilyn Mallia 

Dr Odette Vassallo 

Ms Charlotte Cucciardi Fava (Secretary)

Contact & Correspondence: Email

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Faculty for the Built Environment

Dr Shirley Cefai (Chairperson)

Dr Ing Simon Borg

Dr Rebecca Dalli Gonzi 

Ms Isabelle Pisani (Secretary) 

Contact & Correspondence: Email

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Faculty of Dental Surgery

Professor Simon Camilleri (Chairperson) 

Professor Nikolai Attard

Dr Bridget Ellul

Dr Gabriella Gatt 

Dr Maria Luisa Gainza-Cirauqui 

Ms Sharlene Cachia (Secretary) 

Contact & Correspondence: Email

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Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy

Dr Simon Grima (Chairperson)

Dr Ian Cassar 

Dr Francis Debono

Dr Nathaniel Massa

Ms Josian Grech (Secretary)

Contact & Correspondence: Email

Professor Suzanne Gatt (Chairperson)

Dr Karl Attard

Dr Charles Bonello

Dr Michael Buhagiar

Dr Louis John Camilleri

Mr Mario Camilleri

Dr Francois Mifsud

Dr Martin Musumeci

Dr Terence Portelli

Professor Suzanne Piscopo 

Dr Elena Tanti Burlo

Professor Yosanne Vella

Professor Kenneth Wain 

Ms Isabelle Warrington (Secretary)

Contact & Correspondence: Email

Faculty of Engineering

Professor Robert Ghirlando (Chairperson)

Dr Daniel Vella

Dr Ing. Pierre Vella

Ms Antonella Sammut (Secretary)

Contact & Correspondence: Email

Dr Joel Azzopardi (Chairperson)

Dr Colin Layfield

Professor Adrian Muscat

Professor Ivan Grech

Dr Sandro Spina

Mr Anthony Buhagiar (Secretary)

Contact & Correspondence: Email

Faculty of Laws

Professor Frances Camilleri Cassar (Chairperson)

Dr Daniel Bianchi

Dr David Zammit 

Ms Maria Sciberras (Secretary)

Professor Pierre Mallia (Chairperson)

Dr Karen Cassar

Dr Bridget Ellul 

Professor Raymond Galea

Mr Raymond Gatt

Mr Karl German

Professor Therese Hunter

Professor Yves Muscat Baron

Professor Anthony Serracino Inglott 

Dr Myra Kay Tilney

Ms Christabel Gauci (Secretary) 

Contact & Correspondence: Email

Faculty of Science

Professor Irene Aquilina Sciriha (Chairperson) 

Dr Noel Aquilina

Dr Simeon Deguara 

Dr Lourdes Farrugia

Professor Joseph N. Grima

Dr David Suda 

Ms Annabelle Camilleri  (Secretary) 

Contact & Correspondence: Email

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Faculty for Social Wellbeing

Dr Trevor Calafato (Chairperson)

Dr Roberta Attard

Dr Claire Azzopardi Lane 

Dr Andreana Dibben

Dr Maria Aurora Fenech 

Ms Ingrid Grech Lanfranco 

Professor Brenda Murphy

Dr Maria Pisani 

Professor Gordon Sammut 

Mr Stuart Bugeja (Secretary)

Contact & Correspondence: Email

Faculty of Theology

Rev. Dr Ray Zammit (Chairperson)

Rev. Dr Charlo Camilleri

Dr Nadia Delicata 

Rev Dr Carl Sultana 

Ms Christabel Cassar (Secretary)

Contact & Correspondence: Email


Institute of Earth Systems ad hoc Research Ethics Committee

Rev. Professor Saviour Chircop (Chairperson)

Rev. Professor Emmanuel Agius

Professor Joseph Cacciottolo

Dr Charles Galdies

Dr Anthony Sacco

Ms Sharon Cross (Secretary)

Contact & Correspondence: Email

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***REDP Form***

As of 12 November 2018, the Research Ethics and Data Protection form is to be filled in online. The previous downloadable forms have been discontinued.

The REDP form can be accessed via the menu on the left of this page or by clicking here.

***Amended Code of Practice and Review Procedures***
The UM 'Research Code of Practice' and 'Research Ethics Review Procedures' were amended by Senate on 21 March 2019. All links to these documents now point to the amended versions.

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