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University Research Ethics Committee

Professor Helen Grech - Chairperson

Professor Marie Therese Camilleri Podesta

Dr David Fabri 

Dr Natalie Kenely 

Dr Anna McElhatton

Mr Joseph Ebejer

Ms Victoria Perici - Secretary 






  • School of Performing Arts
  • International School for Foundation Studies

Faculty of Arts

Professor Claude Mangion (Chairperson)

Professor Stella Borg-Barthet

Professor Mark Anthony Falzon

Dr Anna Khakee 

Ms Charlotte Cucciardi (Secretary)

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Faculty for the Built Environment

Dr Shirley Cefai (Chairperson)

Dr Ing Simon Borg

Dr Rebecca Dalli Gonzi 

Ms Isabelle Pisani (Secretary) 

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Faculty of Dental Surgery

Professor Nikolai Attard (Chairperson) 

Professor Joseph M. Cacciottolo 

Professor Josette Camilleri 

Dr Bridget Ellul 

Mr Karl Debattista (Secretary) 

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Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy

Dr Simon Grima (Chairperson)

Dr Ian Cassar 

Dr Francis Debono

Dr Nathaniel Massa

Ms Josian Grech (Secretary)

Dr Marie Therese Farrugia (Chairperson)

Dr Barbara Baschiera

Mr Mario Camilleri

Professor Mary Darmanin

Dr Daniela Mercieca 

Dr Martin Musumeci

Dr Stephen Schembri

Representative from B.Ed. (Hons) dissertations’ committee

Representative from MTL dissertations’ committee

Ms Isabelle Warrington (Secretary) 

Faculty of Engineering

Professor Robert Ghirlando (Chairperson)

Dr Daniel Vella

Dr Ing. Pierre Vella

Ms Vanessa Debattista (Secretary)

Dr Conrad Attard (Chairperson)

Dr Mark Joseph Vella 

Dr Joel Azzopardi

Dr Owen Casha

Dr Reuben Farrugia

Mr Anthony Buhagiar (Secretary)

Faculty of Laws

Dr Austin Bencini (Chairperson)

Dr Daniel Bianchi 

Prof Raymond Mangion

Dr David Zammit 

Ms Josianne Schembri (Secretary)

Dr Mario Vassallo (Chairperson)

Dr Bernard Coleiro

Prof Victor Ferrito

Dr Raymond Galea

Dr Raymond Gatt

Dr Karl German

Ms Christianne Mizzi (Secretary) 

Faculty of Science

Professor Irene Aquilina Sciriha (Chairperson) 

Professor Patrick J. Schembri

Dr Noel Aquilina

Professor Claude Farrugia

Ms Natalie Attard

Mr Malcolm Bonnici (Secretary) 

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Faculty for Social Wellbeing

Dr Katya De Giovanni (Chairperson)

Dott. Roberta Attard

Dr Claire Azzopardi Lane 

Dr Christian Borg Xuereb

Dr Trevor Calafato

Dr JosAnn Cutajar

Dr Adreana Dibben

Ms Ingrid Grech Lanfranco 

Dr Maria Pisani 

Ms Charmaine Agius 

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Faculty of Theology

Dr Nadia Delicata (Chairperson)

Rev. Dr Stefan Attard

Rev. Dr Charlo Camilleri

Rev. Dr Ray Zammit

Ms Gillian Cachia (Secretary)

Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Professor Simone Borg (Chairperson)

Professor Maria Attard

Professor Adrian Muscat  

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The Edward de Bono Institute for the Design & Development of Thinking

Dr Leonie Baldacchino (Chairperson)

Professor Sandra Dingli 

Dr Margaret Mangion

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Institute for European Studies

Dr Mark Harwood (Chairperson)

Prof. Roderick Pace 

Dr Susanna Thede 

Ms Anna Saliba (Secretary)

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Islands and Small States Institute

Professor Lino Briguglio (Chairperson)

Professor Saviour Formosa

Dr Stefano Moncada  

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Institute of Linguistics

Dr Marie Alexander (Chairperson)

Dr Albert Gatt

Dr Natalie Schembri

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Institute of Maltese Studies

Professor Henry Frendo (Chairperson)

Professor Joseph M. Brincat

Professor Carmen Depasquale

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Institute for Physical Education and Sport

Dr Karl Attard

Dr Andrew Decelis

Mr Ivan Riolo

Ms Lara Tonna

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Institute for Tourism, Travel & Culture

Dr Marie Avellino (Chairperson)

Dr Alfred Quintano

Professor Edward L Zammit

Centre for English Language Proficiency

Dr Odette Vassallo (Chairperson)

Dr Sarah Grech

Dr Daniel Xerri

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Centre for Labour Studies 

Dr Manwel Debono (Chairperson)

Dr Anna Borg

Mr Luke Fiorini

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Centre for Literacy

Professor Charles L Mifsud (Chairperson)

Professor Mary Anne Lauri

Professor Manwel Mifsud

Professor Ivan Callus

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Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research

Professor Kenneth Wain (Chairperson)

Professor Carmel Cefai

Professor Ronald Sultana 

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Guidelines for Proposals
Guidelines for students in the process of submitting a proposal have now been uploaded.
New Proposal Form
A new proposal form for students in Word format is now available for download.
Disability Research Ethics Guidelines
The Disability Research Ethics Guideline are available online.

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