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The University of Malta uses the domain Within this domain, University entities, projects, events, societies, staff and students are allocated the underlying URL formats:

URL Format
Academic department
Division within Institute
Division within Centre
Admin. & Sup. Dept.

Note that:

  • Only societies and student associations recognised by the University and hosted on the central webservers are requested to conform to the above URL format.
  • For projects and events coordinated by a faculty or department there are two options (see below). Reference should also be made to the section Exceptions to URL Policy.

URL Format


Shortened URLs

Aliases (shortened URLs) may be set in order to truncate URLs to more memorable and user-friendly URLs that would be more appropriate to quote on marketing material (e.g. posters, papers, stationery, publications etc.).

Aliases are allowed for academic departments, divisions, programmes, projects, events and e-systems/programmes promoted by University administration (e.g. e-sims & DegreePlus). Aliaises are not allowed for committees and societies.

The Marketing, Communications & Alumni Office will ensure uniqueness of URLs and avoidance of name clashes.


Exceptions to URL Policy

The following will qualify for exceptions to the above URL policy:

  1. A research or collaborative project or association, where University staff collaborate with other universities or academics from other institutions for example European Union projects. The content on such websites will be of a non-commercial nature and therefore ‘.com’ or ‘’ domains will not be allowed.
  2. A University spin-off or licensed sub-brand e.g. Campus FM and the International Masters Programme.

The above will therefore be able to use a non- ‘’ URL and host their site on the University web servers.  Web hosting charges will be applicable for (2). Similarly charges will also be applicable for projects under (1) where funds are available.

Normally, sites which qualify for the URL exception will also be exempt from the requirement to adopt the University branded templates. Exceptions to the URL policy are assessed on a case by case basis.

All existing URLs would be set to redirect the users to the standard URL format which would be adopted by the department.  Therefore current URLs are maintained in the form of redirects to new URLs.

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