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Welcome to the Office for Human Resources Management & Development

The Office for Human Resources Management & Development (OHRM&D) leads the University’s efforts to recruit, develop and maintain a workforce that meets the needs of a dynamic academic institution.

The OHRM&D is responsible for helping the University’s faculties, departments and institutes recruit, develop, retain and reward a diverse workforce of high quality and to promote an environment that enhances the University’s education, learning and research environment.  Our goal is to help strengthen individual and organisational performance through progressive human resource policies and targeted career and organisational development initiatives that support the University’s mission.

The OHRM&D also helps ensure that the University works constructively with the unions that represent its employees and complies with employment-related laws, regulations and policies as an institution of higher education and as an employer.


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Staff Scholarships and Bursaries

Application guidelines for Scholarships and Bursaries.

New Training & Development Programme Courses
New Courses for the Training & Development Programme 2017
Training and Development Programme for 2017
Training and Development Programme for the calendar year 2017
Admin, Tech & Ind Work Resources Guidelines

Administrative, Technical and Industrial Staff Work Resources Committee Guidelines for 2017

Health & Safety Training Calendar for 2017
Health & Safety Training Schedule for 2017
AWRF Report 2016 Submission
The AWRF 2016 Report Template will be made available shortly. Reports are to be submitted by 15th October 2016 in case of Visiting Academics and at the end of October 2016 in case of Resident Academics. 
Absence Management Guidelines
The Office for HRM&D has prepared a set of procedures in connection with absence management.
Payroll Dates 2017
The payroll dates for 2017 have now been issued.
Programme Human Resource Requirements
The PHRR Manuals can be found on the following links for lecturing and supervision duties.
Guidelines for Electronic Voting
Guidelines for Electronic Voting.
Fire Assembly Points
Members of staff are requested to note their respective Assembly Points in case of emergency.
Return for Academic Services Rendered
The Return Sheet for Academic Services Rendered can be found here.
Filling of FS4 Form
The FS4 form has been amended to cater for the new tax bands.

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