Health and safety

The Health & Safety service at UM is responsible for the planning, implementing and monitoring the University's health and safety programme according to established policy and legislative requirements.

The Health & Safety team is also responsible for providing advice to all members of staff and students on all aspects of health and safety within the University’s premises. In addition, the team members are also required to respond to emergency situations and investigate incidents and accidents on campus; prepare reports and maintain appropriate documentation including those related to emergency preparedness.

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Committee members
Occupational Health & Safety Policy 

Accident report 
Incident spill report 

Injury Benefit form 

Standard Operating Procedures 

ZOH-001-01 - Fire Safety Prevention & Evacuation Procedure 

ZOH-002-01 - Bomb Threat Procedure 

The team

Mr Louis Coleiro
Mr Mario Delicata
Mr Neville Paris