The Middlesea Group assists Cancer Research in Malta The Management of the Middlesea Group has recently donated the sum of Lm 3,000 to the University of Malta - Cancer Research Fund. The Middlesea Group is always proud to support initiatives directed towards improving the well being of our Society.

The funds donated by the Middlesea Group are intended to be used primarily for the employment of a research assistant who assists the ongoing departmental cancer research. The present focus of the research is the study of the effects of natural products, as crude extracts as well as purified components, on human cancer cell lines. The ultimate aim of these studies is the possible identification of new anticancer substances or lead compounds that can serve as the basis for the development of new drugs.

Collaboration in this field is a critical success factor. Research entities involved in these studies include the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics of the University of Malta, the Cancer Research Laboratories of the University Nottingham as well as the Department of Bio-organic Chemistry of the University of Pisa. These alliances have already resulted in several joint publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
It is hoped that this event will encourage other major contributors to the Maltese economy to assist the research endeavours of the Department of Anatomy, which are intended for the ultimate benefit of mankind.