Diploma in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Diploma in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Course Title

Diploma in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MQF Level


Duration and Credits

4 Semesters


Mode of Study

Part-time Evening

Information for International applicants

Applicants considered as “Adult Learners” (mature applicants) in terms of paragraph (c) of regulation 6 of the Admissions Regulations must be in possession of those qualifications and/or experience that would satisfy the Institute Admissions Committee that they have reached the academic standard required to follow the course with profit. Such applicants shall be required to submit with their application a letter written in English giving their motivation for applying for the Course together with a copy of their Curriculum Vitae (C.V.).

The eligibility of applicants referred to in the above paragraph shall be decided by the University Admissions Board, on the recommendation of the Institute Admissions Committee, following an interview conducted by an interviewing board appointed for the purpose.

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In today's rapidly changing environment, the future is unlikely to be a repetition of the past. New challenges emerge every day, and yesterday's solutions may be insufficient to overcome the obstacles encountered tomorrow. Successful adaptation to this dynamic reality requires the ability to generate creative ideas, implement innovative strategies, and attain an entrepreneurial mindset that transforms problems into opportunities. This Diploma shall develop your knowledge, transferable skills and attitudes concerning creativity and idea generation, innovation (including innovation management), and entrepreneurship through a blend of theoretical and practical approaches, which will prepare you to tackle challenges in a flexible manner and allow for the development of operational skills and creative possibilities.

This course will be delivered via a hybrid learning approach.

Semester 1
Compulsory Units (All students must register for this/these unit/s)
IOT1008 An Introduction to Creativity 4 ECTS    
IOT1010 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 4 ECTS    
IOT1014 Leadership and Innovation in Organisations 4 ECTS    
IOT1030 Creativity and Innovation in Digital Technologies 2 ECTS    
LIN1063 Academic Reading and Writing in English 2 ECTS    

Semester 2
Compulsory Units (All students must register for this/these unit/s)
IOT1002 Psychology of Creativity 4 ECTS    
IOT1009 A Toolkit for Thinking Out of the Box 4 ECTS    
IOT1022 Academic Research Methods, Tools and Proposal Writing 6 ECTS    


Semester 1
Compulsory Units (All students must register for this/these unit/s)
IOT1016 A Culture for Creativity in Organisations 4 ECTS    
IOT1018 Entrepreneurship: From Ideas to Action 4 ECTS    
IOT1020 Funding Issues in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 4 ECTS    
IOT1024 Understanding the Cultural and Creative Industries 4 ECTS    

Semester 2
Compulsory Units (All students must register for this/these unit/s)
IOT1006 Critical Thinking 2 ECTS    
IOT1012 Thinking about the Future - An Introduction to Foresight 4 ECTS    
IOT1026 Innovation and the Environment 4 ECTS    
IOT1028 An Introduction to Intellectual Property 4 ECTS    


This programme of study is governed by the General Regulations for University Undergraduate Awards, 2019 and by the Bye-Laws for the award for the Diploma in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Dip. CIE – under the auspices of The Edward de Bono Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • make use of a variety of creative thinking tools and techniques to generate ideas and solve problems;
  • design and implement strategies for implementing ideas and managing innovation in a variety of contexts;
  • identify, evaluate and exploit opportunities for enterprise development, including the introduction of new products, services and processes in new and existing organisations;
  • foster cultures and climates that are conducive to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Non EU Applicants:

Fee per academic year: Eur 4,250

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The knowledge, skills and attitudes that you shall develop comprise the entrepreneurial mindset which the European Commission has identified as a key competence for life. This enables you to generate and implement creative ideas, to be self-confident, autonomous and proactive, to plan and execute projects, and to act in socially responsible ways. These skills are sought after by both public and private organisations that recognise the importance of key competencies, transferable skills and knowledge where creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are concerns.

This Diploma shall thus enhance employability and personal development, not only if you aspire to start up and run your own business, but also if you wish to boost your employment prospects or professional career.

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