Launch of the New Malta Elections Website (16 May)

A group of academics from the University of Malta are launching, as an inter-disciplinary venture, the new Malta Elections Website. The website was originally created and for many years administered and compiled by Professor John Lane (State University of New York), who recently handed it over to the university.

The launch will take place on Friday, 16 May, at 1800hrs, at the IT Services Building, Hall 101, with short paper presentations as follows:
1800hrs – 1820hrs     Dominic Fenech: An Electoral System Laboratory: Malta 1849-1921
1830hrs – 1850hrs     Josef Lauri: On The Problem of Proportionality in Maltese Elections
1900hrs – 1930hrs     Chris Terry:
 STV around the world: Theory and Practice

1935hrs – 2000hrs     Mark Farrugia: A Tour of the New Malta Elections Website

The evening should be of interest to all those who  have a general interest in Maltese political, social and public policy matters, and in particular politics and constitutional history. The Electoral Reform Society, which will be represented by Chris Terry, the keynote speaker for the evening, was formerly called the Proportional Representation Society (PRS). It was the organization that, together with Leo Amery and Lord Milner, was responsible for the introduction in Malta of our voting system of Single Transferable Vote when self-government was first granted in 1921.

Light refreshments will be served at the end of the evening.