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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Abissi e Vette. Percorsi spirituali e mistici in Simone WeilAbela, Anthony
2005Acts 4, 25a : recognizing a concentric arrangementAbela, Anthony
1998At the start. Genesis made newAbela, Anthony
1988Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 39(1)]Abela, Anthony; Cassar Pullicino, J.
1989Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 40(2)]Zammit, E. L.; Abela, Anthony; Fitzgerald, Michael L.; Eminyan, Maurice
1991Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 42(1)]Abela, Anthony
1994Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 45(2)]Abela, Anthony
1995Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 46(1)]Abela, Anthony
1996Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 47(1)]Abela, Anthony
2003Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 54(1)]Abela, Anthony
2003Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 54(2)]Farrugia, Edward; Naulty, Reg; Abela, Anthony
2017Celebrating the 70th Birthday of Mgr Dr Anthony AbelaAbela, Anthony; Sciberras, Paul; Agius, Emmanuel
1998A comparative analysis of poverty and social exclusion in Malta and SpainAbela, Anthony
2000The Death of the Messiah : a commentary on the Passsion Narratives in the Four Gospels [Book Review]Abela, Anthony
2005"Dei Verbum". Testo e commentAbela, Anthony
2004Discover the Bible. A Manual for Biblical Studies [Boor review]Abela, Anthony
2008Donat Spited's translation of Psalm 1, 3 within the translation tradition of the psalter in MalteseAbela, Anthony
2005Donat Spiteri's translation of Psalm 1,1-2 within the translation tradition of the psalter in MalteseAbela, Anthony
1992European values study in MaltaAbela, Anthony
2005Exegeting and translating Jas 4,5bAbela, Anthony