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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Accessibility as an indicator of transport equity : the case of public transport infrastructure in Malta, and its impact on the elderlyBajada, Therese; Mifsud, Deborah; Ciommo, Floridea di
2017The attitudes of tourists towards a bus service : implications for policy from a Maltese case studyBajada, Therese; Titheridge, Helena
2020Better information for smarter decisionsBajada, Therese
2021Book review : New workplaces – location patterns, urban effects and development trajectories. A worldwide investigationDi Marino, Mina; Bajada, Therese
2013Computationally efficient estimation of high-dimension autoregressive models : with application to air pollution in MaltaChetcuti Zammit, Luana; Scerri, Kenneth; Attard, Maria; Bajada, Therese
2022A decade following the Malta bus reform : attitudes towards service qualityBajada, Therese; Attard, Maria
2023Deep reinforcement learning of autonomous control actions to improve bus-service regularityBajada, Josef; Grech, Joseph; Bajada, Therese
2022The emergent inequities and inequalities resulting from lockdown and social distancing measures taken to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic within a Maltese scenarioSatariano, Bernadine; Bajada, Therese
2023Exploring the potential for timed cities in Malta : the case of PaolaScheiber, Sarah; Bajada, Therese; Mifsud, Wendy Jo; Montebello, Steve C.
2022Food security in MaltaBajada, Therese; Satariano, Bernadine; Camilleri Fenech, Margaret; Radmilli, Rachel
2023The impact and complex effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the working environment and the use of coworking spaces in MaltaSatariano, Bernadine; Bajada, Therese
2017The impact of bus reform on behaviour and policy : the case of MaltaBajada, Therese
2024The importance of location for coworking spaces and the timed city concept, experiences, perceptions, and reality in MaltaBajada, Therese; Satariano, Bernadine; Hossein Chavoshi, Seyed
2015The Malta bus service reform : implications for policy from a ‘natural experiment’ of attitudes towards bus service quality, and modal shiftBajada, Therese
2022Narrations of the countries in Eastern and Southern Europe : MaltaBajada, Therese; Satariano, Bernadine
2022Presenting coworking spaces and chrono-urbanism as a policy package for sustainable mobility in post-pandemic MaltaBajada, Therese; Satariano, Bernadine; Chavoshi, Seyed Hossein
2011Spatio-temporal analysis of air pollution data in MaltaChetcuti Zammit, Luana; Scerri, Kenneth; Attard, Maria; Bajada, Therese; Scerri, Mark M.
2016To contract or to operate publicly? Observations from the bus service reform transition process in MaltaBajada, Therese; Titheridge, Helena
2023Transforming urban mobility and public space through slow streets. A stakeholder approachBajada, Therese; Mifsud, Wendy-Jo; Scheiber, Sarah
2021A typological and spatial analysis of pedestrian fatalities and injuries in MaltaBajada, Therese; Attard, Maria