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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Active hexose-correlated compound down-regulates heat shock factor 1, a transcription factor for HSP27, in gemcitabine-resistant human pancreatic cancer cellsTokunaga, Masayuki; Baron, Byron; Kitagawa, Takao; Tokuda, Kazuhiro; Kuramitsu, Yasuhiro
2014Active hexose-correlated compound down-regulates sex-determining region Y-box 2 of pancreatic cancer cellsNawata, Junya; Kuramitsu, Yasuhiro; Wang, Yufeng; Kitagawa, Takao; Tokuda, Kazuhiro; Baron, Byron; Akada, Junko; Suenaga, Shigeyuki; Kaino, Seiji; Maehara, Shin-Ichiro; Maehara, Yoshihiko; Sakaida, Isao; Nakamura, Kazuyuki
2016Application of proteomics to cancer therapyBaron, Byron
2022AT-hook DNA-binding motif-containing protein one knockdown downregulates EWS - FLI1 transcriptional activity in Ewing’s sarcoma cellsKitagawa, Takao; Kobayashi, Daiki; Baron, Byron; Okita, Hajime; Miyamoto, Tatsuo; Takai, Rie; Paudel, Durga; Ohta, Tohru; Asaoka, Yoichi; Tokunaga, Masayuki; Nakagawa, Koji; Furutani-Seiki, Makoto; Araki, Norie; Kuramitsu, Yasuhiro; Kobayashi, Masanobu
2019Biochemical dysregulation of pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes mellitusPortelli, Maria; Baron, Byron
2016Biochemical formulation of chemically-defined and non-xenogeneic culture media for research and clinical applications of human stem cellsBaron, Byron
2012Breaking the silence : the interplay between transcription factors and DNA methylationBaron, Byron
2015CGK733-induced LC3 II formation is positively associated with the expression of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21Waf1/Cip1 through modulation of the AMPK and PERK/CHOP signaling pathwaysWang, Yufeng; Kuramitsu, Yasuhiro; Baron, Byron; Kitagawa, Takao; Tokuda, Kazuhiro; Akada, Junko; Nakamura, Kazuyuki
2016Changes in metabolic proteins in ex vivo rat retina during glutamate-induced neural progenitor cell inductionTokuda, Kazuhiro; Kuramitsu, Yasuhiro; Baron, Byron; Kitagawa, Takao; Tokuda, Nobuko; Kobayashi, Masaaki; Kimura, Kazuhiro; Sonoda, Koh-Hei; Nakamura, Kazuyuki
2018Clinical presentation of preeclampsia and the diagnostic value of proteins and their methylation products as biomarkers in pregnant women with preeclampsia and their newbornsPortelli, Maria; Baron, Byron
2015Cofilin-phosphatase slingshot-1L (SSH1L) is over-expressed in pancreatic cancer (PC) and contributes to tumor cell migrationWang, Yufeng; Kuramitsu, Yasuhiro; Kitagawa, Takao; Baron, Byron; Yoshino, Shigefumi; Maehara, Shin-Ichiro; Maehara, Yoshihiko; Oka, Masaaki; Nakamura, Kazuyuki
2015Comparative proteomic analysis of two stress-management strategies in pancreatic cancerBaron, Byron; Fujioka, Tsuyoshi; Kitagawa, Takao; Maehara, Shin-Ichiro; Maehara, Youshihiko; Nakamura, Kazuyuki; Kuramitsu, Yasuhiro
2021Comprehensive mass spectrometric investigation strategies of the human methylproteomeBaron, Byron
2018CUB domain-containing protein 1 (CDCP1) is down-regulated by active hexose-correlated compound in human pancreatic cancer cellsKuhara, Keisuke; Tokuda, Kazuhiro; Kitagawa, Takao; Baron, Byron; Tokunaga, Masayuki; Harada, Koji; Terasaki, Masaru; Uehara, Osamu; Ohta, Tohru; Takai, Rie; Hamada, Jun-ichi; Kobayashi, Masanobu; Shimo, Tsuyoshi; Nagayasu, Hiroki; Kuramitsu, Yasuhiro
2018The diagnostic and prognostic application of heat shock proteins and their post-translational modifications from liquid biopsiesBaron, Byron
2020Doxorubicin : an overview of the anti-cancer and chemoresistance mechanismsMicallef, Isaac; Baron, Byron
2021The effects of chronic inflammatory disorders and storage lesions on cytokine levels in blood transfusion productsMeekers, Leah May; Baron, Byron; Zammit, Vanessa
2018Enzyme-treated asparagus extract down-regulates heat shock protein 27 of pancreatic cancer cellsShimada, Takuya; Nanimoto, Yuta; Baron, Byron; Kitagawa, Takao; Tokuda, Kazuhiro; Kuramitsu, Yasuhiro
2014Gemcitabine induces poly (ADP-Ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1) degradation through autophagy in pancreatic cancerWang, Yufeng; Kuramitsu, Yasuhiro; Tokuda, Kazuhiro; Baron, Byron; Kitagawa, Takao; Akada, Junko; Maehara, Shin-ichiro; Maehara, Yoshihiko; Nakamura, Kazuyuki
2021Generation of 3D cell cultures from patients for colorectal cancer researchBaron Muscat, Lorna; Baron, Byron