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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Archaeology via underwater robots : mapping and localization within Maltese cistern systemsClark, Christopher M.; Olstad, Christopher S.; Buhagiar, Keith; Gambin, Timmy
2007Bahrija : its archaeological significanceBuhagiar, Keith
2012Caves in context : the late medieval Maltese scenarioBuhagiar, Keith
2008Comino : historical and archaeological observationsBuhagiar, Keith
2006L-oqbra tax-Xagħra ta' Santa DuminkaBuhagiar, Keith
2001The Latmija troglodytic settlementBuhagiar, Keith
2010Lectures 14 : program 12 : investigating the water management systems of Palazzo Falson, the Civitas and select rural areasPalazzo Falson Historic House Museum; Department of History of Art, University of Malta; Buhagiar, Keith
2012Malta an island satellite in the lee of Sicily : investigating the troglodytic context for the late-medieval and the early-modern periodsBuhagiar, Keith
2009The Malta cistern mapping project : expedition IIClark, Christopher M.; Hiranandani, Daniel; White, Cory; Boardman, M.; Schlachtman, M.; Phillips, P.; Kuehn, J.; Gambin, Timmy; Buhagiar, Keith
2010The Malta cistern mapping project : underwater robot mapping and localization within ancient tunnel systemsWhite, Cory; Hiranandani, Daniel; Olstad, Christopher S.; Buhagiar, Keith; Gambin, Timmy; Clark, Christopher M.
2005New archaeological find on the island of Comino in the Maltese archipelagoBuhagiar, Keith; Sagona, Claudia
2013Revisiting Wied ir-Rum : some recent archaeological discoveriesBuhagiar, Keith
1997The San Niklaw Cave - settlementBuhagiar, Keith
2008St. Leonard cave church, Lunzjata I/o RabatBuhagiar, Keith
2016The tal-Callus and Simblija estates at Wied ir-Rum and Wied Hazrun (Malta) : an enigma resolvedBuhagiar, Keith
2009Underwater robots with sonar and smart tether for underground cistern mapping and explorationHiranandani, Daniel; White, Cory; Clark, Christopher M.; Gambin, Timmy; Buhagiar, Keith
2021-10Valleys : discovering Malta & Gozo's watercourses their value to societyLanfranco, Sandro; Francesca Bellia, Andrea; Fenech, Natalino; Buhagiar, Keith; Portelli, Elena; Deidun, Alan; Sciberras, Arnold; Sciberras, Jeffrey; Patissier, Rylan; Gambin, Belinda; Calleja, Eman; Sapiano, Manuel; Cutajar, Aaron; Vella, Saviour; Felix, Ines; Parks Malta
2006Water management in Medieval and Early Modern MaltaBuhagiar, Keith
2007Water management strategies and the cave-dwelling phenomenon in Late-Medieval MaltaBuhagiar, Keith
2014Water management technology as a contributing factor in the development of the rural landscape of the Maltese archipelago : making a case for the late medieval periodBuhagiar, Keith