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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Can the domestic politics of small island states lead to international in/stability? A case study of MaltaCachia, Jean Claude; DeBattista, André P.
2020Domestic and European response to irregular migration : Malta’s moral dilemma 2002-2016Vassallo, Mario Thomas; Cachia, Jean Claude
2017-10Domestic and European response to migration : Malta’s moral dilemmaVassallo, Mario Thomas; Cachia, Jean Claude
2021The europeanization of the Covid-19 pandemic response and the EU’s solidarity with ItalyCachia, Jean Claude
2020The future of the EU in Jean-Claude Juncker's State of the Union speechesCachia, Jean Claude; University of Malta. Institute for European Studies
2023How civil society organizations brought change to the Maltese government between 2019 and 2020Vassallo, Mario Thomas; Cachia, Jean Claude; DeBattista, André P.
2018The malaise of Malta : social divisions, weak institutions, and political partisanshipCachia, Jean Claude; DeBattista, André P.
2020Malta and the 2019 EP elections – maximising popular engagement with “Europe”Cachia, Jean Claude; Ellul, Fabrizio; Harwood, Mark; Sammut, Carmen
2017-04Maltese political parties’ approaches towards irregular migration : populism or rationalismVassallo, Mario Thomas; Cachia, Jean Claude
2022-05Political narrative, collective EU security and the State of the UnionCachia, Jean Claude; DeBattista, André P.
2024The politicisation of neutrality and Malta’s membership in the European UnionCachia, Jean Claude