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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Adolescents' resilience during COVID-19 pandemic and its mediating role in the association between SEL and mental healthGrazzani, Ilaria; Agliati, Alessia; Cavioni, Valeria; Conte, Elisabetta; Gandellini, Sabina; Lupica Spagnolo, Mara; Ornaghi, Veronica; Micol Rossi, Francesca; Cefai, Carmel; Bartolo, Paul A.; Camilleri, Liberato; Oriordan, Mollie Rose
2017Assessment of learning and teaching in higher education : a case analysis of a university in the south of EuropeShieh, Jin-Jy; Cefai, Carmel
2014Australian and Maltese teachers’ perspectives about their capabilities for mental health promotion in school settingsAskell-Williams, Helen; Cefai, Carmel
2015Beyond PISA : schools as contexts for the promotion of children’s mental health and well-beingCefai, Carmel; Cavioni, Valeria
2010-11Book reviews [International Journal of Emotional Education, 2(2)]Cooper, Paul; Davis, Sarah; Evans, Kathy; Cefai, Carmel
2016Breaking the cycle : a phenomenological approach to broadening access to post-secondary educationCefai, Carmel; Downes, Paul; Cavioni, Valeria
2011Building resilience in school children : risk and promotive factors amongst Maltese primary school pupilsCefai, Carmel; Camilleri, Liberato
2016Children’s worlds : the subjective wellbeing of Maltese childrenCefai, Carmel; Galea, Natalie
2014Circle time for social and emotional learning in primary schoolCefai, Carmel; Ferrario, Erika; Cavioni, Valeria; Carter, Audrey; Grech, Tracy
2022-06Climate change and social-emotional wellbeing in children and young people : second call for papersCooper, Paul; Cefai, Carmel
2014Competencies for thriving and surviving : a resilience curriculum for early years and primary schools in EuropeCefai, Carmel
2009Contemporary values and social context : implications for the emotional wellbeing of childrenCooper, Paul; Cefai, Carmel
2017Coping with bullying, and promoting well-being and positive peer relationsSlee, Phillip T.; Skrzypiec, Grace; Cefai, Carmel; Fabri, Francis
2016Cultural universality and specificity of student engagement in school : the results of an international study from 12 countriesLam, Shui-fong; Jimerson, Shane; Shin, Hyeonsook; Cefai, Carmel; Veiga, Feliciano H.; Hatzichristou, Chryse; Polychroni, Fotini; Kikas, Eve; Wong, Bernard P. H.; Stanculescu, Elena; Basnett, Julie; Duck, Robert; Farrell, Peter; Liu, Yi; Negovan, Valeria; Nelson, Brett; Yang, Hongfei; Zollneritsch, Josef
2011The dietary habits of Maltese university studentsCefai, Carmel; Camilleri, Liberato
2012Do girls and boys perceive themselves as equally engaged in school? The results of an international study from 12 countriesLam, Shui-fong; Jimerson, Shane; Kikas, Eve; Cefai, Carmel; Veiga, Feliciano H.; Nelson, Brett; Hatzichristou, Chryse; Polychroni, Fotini; Basnett, Julie; Duck, Robert; Farrell, Peter; Liu, Yi; Negovan, Valeria; Shin, Hyeonsook; Stanculescu, Elena; Wong, Bernard P.H.; Yang, Hongfei; Zollneritsch, Josef
2022Early school leaving and trauma-based education : a study in four European countriesSpiteri, Rachel; O’Riordan, Mollie Rose; Cefai, Carmel; Hickey, Grainne; Smith, Stephen
2017-04EditorialCooper, Paul; Cefai, Carmel; Cooper, Paul; Cefai, Carmel
2009-04Editorial : introducing emotional educationCooper, Paul; Cefai, Carmel
2022Editorial : promoting resilience interventions for mental well-being in youthGabrielli, Silvia; Rovis, Darko; Cefai, Carmel