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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20225G in healthcare : features, advantages, limitations, and applicationsPrakash, Vijay; Garg, Lalit; Camilleri, Luke; Curmi, Joseph; Camilleri, Darren
2022Adoption of cloud services in central banks : hindering factors and the recommendations for way forwardEdmond, Darell; Prakash, Vijay; Garg, Lalit; Bawa, Seema
2022Advanced computingGarg, Deepak; Sarangapani, Jagannathan; Gupta, Ankur; Garg, Lalit; Gupta, Suneet
2023Analysing relationship between air pollutants and meteorological parameters using TRA, PCA & CA : a concise reviewPawar, Bhushan Dinkar; Garg, Lalit; Caruana, Roberta J.; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Calleja, Neville
2021Analysis of machine learning based LEACH robust routing in the Edge Computing systemsRajpoot, Vikram; Garg, Lalit; Zahid Alam, M.; Sangeeta; Parashar, Vivek; Tapashetti, Pratibhadevi; Arjariya, Tripti
2015An analysis of tablets to be deployed in government schoolsUniversity of Malta. Faculty of ICT; Montebello, Matthew; Dingli, Alexiei; Garg, Lalit; Layfield, Colin
2020Anonymity preserving IoT-based COVID-19 and other infectious disease contact tracing modelGarg, Lalit; Chukwu, Emeka; Nasser, Nidal; Chakraborty, Chinmay; Garg, Gaurav
2013Application of empirical mode decomposition algorithm for epileptic seizure detection from scalp EEGAgrawal, Abhishek; Garg, Lalit; Dauwels, Justin HG
2017Applications of phase type survival trees in HIV disease progression modellingGafa, Marija; Garg, Lalit; Masala, Giovanni; McClean, Sally
2022Artificial intelligence for cloud and edge computingMisra, Sanjay; Tyagi, Amit Kumar; Piuri, Vincenzo; Garg, Lalit
2016Assessment in e-learning for higher educationSteer, Kelly; Layfield, Colin; Garg, Lalit; Borg, Justin
2023Automated attention deficit classification system from multimodal physiological signalsSalankar, Nilima; Koundal, Deepika; Chakraborty, Chinmay; Garg, Lalit
2023Blockchain-based patient-driven Inter-OperableModel for healthcare 5.0 systemShah, Kaushal; Garg, Lalit; Kachoria, Divam; Shah, Vaidehi; Darbar, Shristi; Visconti, Andrea; Bhatt, Chintan; Tanwar, Sudeep
2014Can management science methods do more to improve healthcare?Garg, Lalit; McClean, Sally; Barton, Maria
2023Characterising hospital admission patterns and length of stay in the Emergency Department at Mater Dei Hospital MaltaGarg, Lalit; Attard, Natasha; Caruana, Roberta; Pawar, Bhushan Dinkar; McClean, Sally I.; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Calleja, Neville
2021Cloud and edge computing-based computer forensics : challenges and open problemsPrakash, Vijay; Williams, Alex; Garg, Lalit; Savaglio, Claudio; Bawa, Seema
2019The cloud computing adoption in higher learning institutions in Kenya : hindering factors and recommendations for the way forwardNjenga, Kenndy; Garg, Lalit; Bhardwaj, Amit Kumar; Prakash, Vijay; Bawa, Seema
2021Cloud-based clinical decision support systemOyenuga, Solomon Olalekan; Garg, Lalit; Bhardwaj, Amit Kumar; Shrivastava, Divya Prakash
2022Cloud‑based framework for performing digital forensic investigationsPrakash, Vijay; Williams, Alex; Garg, Lalit; Barik, Pradip; Dhanaraj, Rajesh Kumar
2009Clustering patient length of stay using mixtures of Gaussian models and phase type distributionsGarg, Lalit; McClean, Sally; Meenan, Brian; El-Darzi, Elia; Millard, Peter