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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Accidental scienceXuereb, Andre; Cameron, Sara
2011Amplified optomechanics in a unidirectional ring cavityXuereb, Andre; Horak, Peter; Freegarde, Tim
2014Assessing the nonequilibrium thermodynamics in a quenched quantum many-body system via single projective measurementsFusco, Lorenzo; Pigeon, Simon; Apollaro, Tony J. G.; Xuereb, Andre; Mazzola, Laura; Campisi, Michelle; Ferraro, Alessandro; Paternostro, Mauro; Chiara, Gabriele de
2009Atom cooling using the dipole force of a single retroflected laser beamXuereb, Andre; Horak, Peter; Freegarde, Tim
2011Cavity cooling of atoms : within and without a cavityXuereb, Andre; Domokos, Peter; Horak, Peter; Freegarde, Tim
2016Cavity mode frequencies and strong optomechanical coupling in two-membrane cavity optomechanicsLi, Jie; Xuereb, Andre; Malossi, Nicola; Vitali, David
2016Cavity optomechanics with arrays of thick dielectric membranesNair, Bhagya; Xuereb, Andre; Dantan, Aurelien
2009Classical theory of mirror-mediated coolingBateman, James; Xuereb, Andre; Ohadi, Hamid; Cooper, Nicholas; Freegarde, Tim
2013Collectively enhanced optomechanical coupling in periodic arrays of scatterersXuereb, Andre; Genes, Claudiu; Dantan, Aurelien
2010-07Cooling atoms, particles and polarisable objects using dissipative dipole forcesXuereb, Andre; Ohadi, Hamid; Bateman, James; Cooper, Nicholas; Freegarde, Tim; Horak, Peter
2009Cooling of a particle by coupling to its own reflectionHorak, Peter; Xuereb, Andre; Freegarde, Tim
2011Dissipative optomechanics in a Michelson-Sagnac interferometerXuereb, Andre; Schnabel, Roman; Hammerer, Klemens
2010DIVIMP-B2-EIRENE modelling of 13C migration and deposition in ASDEX Upgrade L-mode plasmasXuereb, Andre; Groth, Mathias; Krieger, Karl; Asunta, Otto; Kurki-Suonio, Taina K.; Likonen, Jari; Coster, David P.
2016Does “cooling by heating” protect quantum correlations?Villas-Boas, Celso J.; Cardoso, Wesley B.; Avelar, Ardiley T.; Xuereb, Andre; Almeida, Norton G. de
2012Dynamical scattering models in optomechanics : going beyond the ‘coupled cavities’ modelXuereb, Andre; Domokos, Peter
2015Dynamical symmetries and crossovers in a three-spin system with collective dissipationPigeon, Simon; Xuereb, Andre; Lesanovsky, Igor V.; Garrahan, Juan Pedro; Chiara, Gabriele de; Paternostro, Mauro
2015-02Dynamical symmetries and crossovers in spin systems with collective dissipationXuereb, Andre
2011-01Efficient optomechanical cooling in one-dimensional interferometersDomokos, Peter; Horak, Peter; Xuereb, Andre; Freegarde, Tim
2013Enhanced optomechanical readout using optical coalescenceGenes, Claudiu; Xuereb, Andre; Pupillo, Guido; Dantan, Aurelien
2012Exciton-mediated photothermal cooling in GaAs membranesXuereb, Andre; Usami, Koji; Naesby, Andreas; Polzik, Eugene S.; Hammerer, Klemens