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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Antibiotic susceptibility patterns of local strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosZarb, Peter; Borg, Michael Angelo
2012Antifungal therapy in European hospitals : data from the ESAC point-prevalence surveys 2008 and 2009Zarb, Peter; Amadéo, Brice; Muller, Arno A.; Drapier, Nico; Vankerckhoven, Vanessa V. J.; Davey, Peter; Goossens, Herman; ESAC-3 PPS Hospital Care Study Group
2006Consumption of antibiotics at St Luke’s Hospital : a critical factor behind the local prevalence of antimicrobial resistance?Borg, Michael Angelo; Zarb, Peter
2011Consumption of antibiotics within ambulatory care in MaltaZarb, Peter; Borg, Michael Angelo
2006-05The dynamic role of the antibiotic pharmacistZarb, Peter
2012The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) pilot point prevalence survey of healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial useZarb, Peter; Coignard, Bruno P.; Griškevičiene, Jolanta; Muller, Arno A.; Vankerckhoven, Vanessa V. J.; Weist, K.; Goossens, Mathijs Michiel; Vaerenberg, Sofie; Hopkins, Susan M.; Catry, Boudewijn; Monnet, Dominique Louis; Goossens, Herman J.; Suetens, Carl
2010European Surveillance of Antibiotic Consumption (ESAC) point prevalence survey 2008 : paediatric antimicrobial prescribing in 32 hospitals of 21 European countriesAmadeo, Brice; Zarb, Peter; Muller, Arno A.; Drapier, Nico; Vankerckhoven, Vanessa; Rogues, Anne-Marie; Davey, Peter; Goossens, Herman; ESAC III Hospital Care Subproject Group
2011Identification of targets for quality improvement in antimicrobial prescribing : the web-based ESAC Point Prevalence Survey 2009Zarb, Peter; Amadeo, Brice; Muller, Arno A.; Drapier, Nico; Vankerckhoven, Vanessa; Davey, Peter; Goossens, Herman
2009Introducing guidelines for surgical antibiotic prophylaxis - an impact assessmentZarb, Peter