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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Anthropometric measurements in a population of Maltese school children aged 6 and 10 yearsBaluci, Christine
2017Association of cholesterol and lifestyle markers with type 1 diabetes incidence rates at a population levelVella, Sandro; Bezzina Sultana, Maureen; Fava, Stephen
2005Awareness, beliefs and behaviours related to anorexia and bulimia amongst adolescentsAbela, Alan
2016-05Biological and biochemical characteristics of a Mediterranean population with Gestational Diabetes MellitusSavona-Ventura, Charles; Vassallo, Josanne; Craus, Johann; Anastasiou, Eleni; Jotic, Aleksandra; Lalic, Nebojsa M.; Slama, Claude Ben; Rovira Loscos, Adele; Napoli, Angela; Roma, Giona; MGSD-GDM Study Group
2010A comparative study of lifestyles, diets, and Body Mass Index of members of the Vegetarian Society of Malta.Ariff Scicluna, Sabrina
2011Comparison of body mass index of a national cohort of Maltese children over a 3-year intervalFarrugia Sant Angelo, Victoria; Grech, Victor E.
2010Eating a low-fat diet : differences between normal weight and overweight Maltese womenBonello, Bernardette (2010)
2014The experience of obesity in Maltese adults : a qualitative studyVella, Adriana
2011Food consumption patterns in Maltese students aged 12 to 14 yearsBusuttil, Danielle
2022Food safety delivered for Polish military cadets during the COVID-19 pandemicBorucka, Anna; Kler, PaweĊ‚
2021Gender differences in cardiometabolic abnormalities across different BMI categoriesAgius, Rachel; Pace, Nikolai Paul; Fava, Stephen
2019Health systems in small states challenges, opportunities & future researchAzzopardi Muscat, Natasha
2020-11-07Height and body-mass index trajectories of school-aged children and adolescents from 1985 to 2019 in 200 countries and territories : a pooled analysis of 2181 population-based studies with 65 million participantsCacciottolo, Joseph M.; NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC)
2021Heterogeneous contributions of change in population distribution of body mass index to change in obesity and underweightCacciottolo, Joseph M.; NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC)
2008Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy in gestational diabetic womenSavona-Ventura, Charles; Grima, Stephen
2015-04A hypothesis for reactivation of pulmonary tuberculosis : how thoracic wall shape affects the epidemiology of tuberculosisCasha, Aaron; Camilleri, Liberato; Gatt, Ruben; Attard, Daphne; Wolak, Wiktor; Dudek, Krzysztof; Gauci, Marilyn; Giordimaina, Christopher; Grima, Joseph N.; Manche, Alexander
2017The link between tuberculosis and body mass indexCasha, Aaron; Scarci, Marco
2008Logistic regression and some of its peculiaritiesTagliaferro, Nadia (2008)
2007-06Obesity as a risk factor for DM and IGT in Malta compared to EuropeSchranz, Antoine G.
2007-06Obesity epidemic : time to wake upCaruana, Noel