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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004An analysis of the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in the MediterraneanMeilak, Ryan John (2004)
2012-06A balancing actAttard Tonna, Michelle
2013-11The Beck Initiative : training school-based mental health staff in cognitive therapyCreed, Torrey A.; Jager-Hyman, Shari; Pontoski, Kristin; Feinberg, Betsy; Rosenberg, Zachary; Evans, Arthur; Hurford, Matthew O.; Beck, Aaron T.
2012Childhood autism : a comparison of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions in symptom management.Galea, Samantha
2005Children in the Arab worldGauci, Frances (2005)
2014Contemporary issues in family studies : global perspectives on partnerships, parenting and support in a changing worldAbela, Angela; Walker, Janet
2012-11Development and validation of the social emotional competence questionnaire (SECQ)Zhou, Mingming; Ee, Jessie
1990E.S.N. children in children's homesSaid, Alfred (1990)
1999Emotional abuse and neglect in children coming from a domestic violence environmentMazzitelli, Frances (1999)
2014-11From Pisa to Santander : a statement on children's growth and wellbeingCefai, Carmel; Clouder, Christopher; Antognazza, Davide; Boland, Neil; Cavioni, Valeria; Heys, Belinda; Madrazo, Claudia; Solborg, Claes
2016Ghazliet and Co. : program 1Aquilina, Dulcima
2012Immobilisation and distraction techniques in paediatric radiography.Galea, Cheryl
2002The impact of Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the rights of Palestinian minorsBatarseh, Tamara (2002)
2009-04Implementing and evaluating empirically based family and school programmes for children with conduct problems in NorwayOgden, Terje; Sorlie, Anne-Mari
2011Investigating why Maltese young children take up dance lessonsSciortino, Nathalie
2008Juvenile onset of Huntigton's disease : a case studyCassar, Cettina
2016-04The management of nocturnal enuresis in childrenGalea, Marthese; Sciberras, Christopher; Galea, Keith
2009Parents' perceptions on the use of non-pharmacological therapies on childrenMizzi, Bernice
2016-04Preschoolers’ free play : connections with emotional and social functioningVeiga, Guida; Neto, Carlos; Rieffe, Carolien
2022Social and emotional learning for vulnerable and marginalized children and young peopleCefai, Carmel