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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysing news portal commentsCutajar, Mikhael
2016Automated assistance for writing in a foreign languageCaruana, Gabriel
2017Automatic Maltese WordNet constructionGatt, Anabelle
2013Computational approaches to identification and interpretation of figurative textCohen, Darren (2013)
2002Computational lexicon for Maltese : lessiku komputazzjonali MaltiDalli, Angelo (2002)
2016A controlled natural language for tax fraud detectionCalafato, Aaron; Colombo, Christian; Pace, Gordon J.
2012Cross document coreference resolution and disambiguation for named entities in user web history documentsZammit, Matthew Joseph (2012)
2019-08-02CUNI-Malta system at SIGMORPHON 2019 shared task on morphological analysis and lemmatization in context : operation-based word formationCardenas, Ronald; Borg, Claudia; Zeman, Daniel
2021-11-15Data augmentation for speech recognition in Maltese : a low-resource perspectiveMena, Carlos; DeMarco, Andrea; Borg, Claudia; van der Plas, Lonneke; Gatt, Albert
2007Defining relationships between named entitiesCamilleri, Elaine (2007)
2000The development of a statistical spell checker for MalteseMizzi, Ruth (2000)
2011Don't let's try to break this down : teasing apart lexical chunksBogart, Zoƫ (2011)
2016E-literatureCallus, Ivan; Aquilina, Mario
2017EXCITE : extracting geographic information from textFarrugia, James
2014Explaining violation traces with finite state natural language generation modelsPace, Gordon J.; Rosner, Michael
2011Exploring higher order dependency parsersSwaroop Madhyastha, Pranava (2011)
2019Exploring hypernym discovery : a projection learning perspectiveFarrugia, James P.
2012Extending the GF framework towards coverage of the maltese languageZammit, Angelo (2012)
1999Extending the HOOPLA type systemFrancalanza, Adrian (1999)
2017A first attempt at a constituency parser for MalteseHenry, Dean B.