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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Art on the cloudRepeckaite, Daiva
2013Building a picture after cinema : a refractional aestheticCeleste, Aidan (2013)
2013The cinemagraph as a fairy tale narrative toolBaldacchino, Alexia (2013)
2005Digital discourseBriffa, Vince
2021Exploring the use of augmented reality to enhance the creation of traditional artSant Fournier, Michael (2021)
2021-01-24Il-comics u l-films ispirawh biex isir artist fl-arti diġitaliPortelli, Ramona; Pace, Roderick (2021)
2009The interface between architecture and the digital space : changing the perception of architecture in the electronic ageMangion, Adrian (2009)
2019Investigating the contemporary perception of the female body with the aid of studio photography and graphic designManicaro, Bernice
2023IrregularityBriffa, Vince
2018Keynote speech [DRHA Conference]Briffa, Vince
2017MAKS MFA Digital ArtsDuca, Edward
2006The new spatial revolution : from analogue to digitalSultana, Andrew (2006)
2019-08-08On the de-familiarizing and re-ontologizing effects of glitches and glitch-alikesGualeni, Stefano
2020Quality education for allGambin, Nicholas
2013Religious art in the Digital DomainAbela, Mario (2013)
2022Seeding diversity into AI art paper type : technical paperZammit, Marvin; Liapis, Antonios; Yannakakis, Georgios N.
2014Spectres of Actaeon : a (trans)cultural adaptation of Actaeon’s oxymoronic life-in-death in sequential artCatania, Anthony
2016-04Transform everythingGalea, Matthew
2020UMANI : a study about the human sensesVenables, Emma
2019The use of animation as a means for social change : a pictorial project with the use of illusions inspecting the world’s perspectives on gay rightsGrima, Kersten