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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Activity of regional microfinance institutions in terms of regional developmentPluskota, Przemyslaw
2014An analysis of the EU's regulation applicable to money market funds and its implications for MaltaGrech, Claudette
2020Assessment of trajectories of non-bankrupt and bankrupt enterprisesKorol, Tomasz
2011Challenges faced by local financial institutions in implementing anti-money laundering policies and proceduresGalea, Josianne (2011)
2014A critical analysis of anti-money laundering and funding of terrorism legislation in relation to the banking sectorBorg, Kira
2021Decentralised finance : analysis of governance and regulatory implicationsZhaber, Amer (2021)
2011Determining the approaches on the Prevention of Money Laundering by financial institutions and investment firmsVassallo, Claire
2019Development of electronic communications in the financial market-based systemRamazanov, R. A.
2010Developments in financial sector crisis management : a domestic and international perspectiveSpiteri, Jonathan C. (2010)
2017Does it pay to be a faithful investor? : a risk-based approach performance analysis of Islamic funds versus UCITS schemesBonnici, Elaine
2015An empirical analysis, on the tracking ability of exchange traded fundsMallia, Sarah Jane
2020Globalization in growing financial markets as a threat to the financial security of the global economyMaslowski, Dariusz; Redo, Ewa Magdalena; Gebska, Marta
2015IFRS 9 : the standard conveying complexity to understandMicallef, Noel (2015)
1994International financial institutions : various perspectivesBonello, Joseph P.
2013Large losses and failures of large banks : a study of the contributing factorsSchiavone, Maria Victoria
2016Methodological aspects of prioritization of financial tools for stimulation of innovative activitiesAnikina, Irina D.; Gukova, Albina V.; Golodova, Anastasiya A.; Chekalkina, Anna A.
2012Microfinance institutions : a regional performance analysisPace, Desmond
2008Securities markets activity in emerging economies : an overview of the main issuesCamilleri, Silvio John
2013Separation of ownership and control in non-bank Maltese listed companies : an analysisMuscat, David (2013)
2021Sharia financial for market management apps in the money marketGrima, Simon; Darya Satria, Firdauska; Purwanto, Joko; Anggraeni, Diyah