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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10The attainment of knowledgeSavona-Ventura, Charles
1966EditorialAquilina, J.
1981EditorialGulia, Wallace Ph.
1983EditorialGulia, Wallace Ph.
2016Editorial : decolonizing dominant knowledge and knowledge productionGoedl, Doris
2020Editorial noteSultana, Mark
2014An enquiry into primary student teachers' confidence, feelings and attitudes towards teaching arts and crafts in Finland and Malta during initial teacher trainingGatt, Isabelle; Karppinen, Seija
1977Epistemological remarks on language change and language universalsLudtke, Helmut
2019Failing to think : the promise of performance philosophyCorby, James
2017Indigenous research methodology : Gluskabe's encounters with epistemicideSockbeson, Rebecca
1994Knowledge and man's ascent to it : a comparative study of Platonic and Buddhist viewsSultana, Hazel (1994)
2008Knowledge and post-colonial pedagogyCutajar, JosAnn
2015Knowledge effects on the exploratory acquisition of wineVigar-Ellis, Debbie; Caruana, Albert; Pitt, Leyland F.
2013The need for cognitive closure and locus of control as predictors of religiosity among Maltese university studentsSargent, Janice
2005On thinking and the world : John McDowell's mind and worldDingli, Sandra
2018Sense-making across disciplines : physical models, theoretical frameworks, and the connections between education in the humanities and sciencesMoore, J. Christopher
2021Service innovation : a knowledge-based approachBuhagiar, Kristina; Pace, Lisa A.; Dingli, Sandra
2005A short reflection on values and educational researchCamilleri, Patrick
2018Tradition, transmission, transformationHinchy, Luke Michael