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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019AI assisted learning (AIAL)Caruana Montaldo, Lara (2019)
2005AI game development [Review of the book Synthetic Creatures with Learning and Reactive Behaviors, by A. J. Champandard]Yannakakis, Georgios N.
2019Analytics of patient flow patterns in a healthcare ecosystem : a blockchain approachAbela, Stephen
2008Application and viability of document classification techniquesMercieca, Joanna (2008)
2021Application of artificial intelligence for energy efficiency analysis of compressed air systemsFarrugia, Daniel (2021)
2021Application of boosting algorithms for anti money laundering in cryptocurrencies : towards healthier cryptocurrency networksVassallo, Dylan (2021)
2019Application of machine learning techniques at the CERN Large Hadron ColliderVan der Veken, Frederik; Azzopardi, Gabriella; Blanc, Frederic; Coyle, Loic; Fol, Elena; Giovannozzi, Massimo; Pieloni, Tatiana; Redaelli, Stefano; Rivkin, Leonid; Salvachua, Belen; Schenk, Michael; Tomas, Rogelio; Valentino, Gianluca
2006The application of support vector machine for speech classificationGauci, Oliver; Debono, Carl James; Gatt, Edward; Micallef, Paul
2020Applying machine learning to ultrafast shape recognition in ligand-based virtual screeningBonanno, Etienne; Ebejer, Jean Paul
2020An approach for objective quality assessment of image inpainting resultsSeychell, Dylan; Debono, Carl James
2000Architectural layout for a text classifier for electronic mailMuscat, Andre (2000)
2014Artificial intelligence to the rescue of e-learningMontebello, Matthew
2022Assessing task difficulty in software testing using biometric measuresCamilleri, Daryl; Micallef, Mark; Porter, Chris
2018Augmenting the interpretation of emoji in translation using machine learning : a study in the local contextAgius, Keith
2020Automated test data generation using search based and machine learning techniquesZammit, Christopher
2019Automatic crack detection using Mask R-CNNAttard, Leanne; Debono, Carl James; Valentino, Gianluca; Di Castro, Mario; Masi, Alessandro; Scibile, Luigi
2020Automatic crime information gathering and data analytics from online news reportsSpiteri, Janica (2020)
2020Automatic critical mechanic discovery using playtraces in video gamesCerny Green, Michael; Khalifa, Ahmed; Barros, Gabriella A. B.; Machado, Tiago; Togelius, Julian
2009Automatic definition extraction using evolutionary algorithmsBorg, Claudia (2009)
2015Automatic detection of pathologies in the human brainMicallef, Daniel