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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The carers' perception of nursing patients suffering from dementia : a qualitative studyFenech, Maria Dolores
2013-12A case of Diogenes SyndromeFerry, Peter
1976Depression in general practiceZammit, V.S.
2009The experience of growing up with a parent who has a mental health problem : A retrospective accountGalea, Marita (2009)
2020Illustrating the struggle of mental illnesses through game concept artCamilleri, Anne Marie
2009The impact of home visits on a group of individuals with persistent mental disorder in Malta.Mifsud, Josephine
2016Incidence, characteristics and course of narrow phenotype paediatric bipolar I disorder in the British IslesSharma, Aditya; Neely, Jessica; Camilleri, Nigel; James, Anthony C.; Grunze, Heinz; Le Couteur, Ann
2017Innovations in practice : a case control and follow-up study of ‘hard to reach’ young people who suffered from multiple complex mental disordersCamilleri, Nigel; Newbury-Birch, Dorothy; McArdle, Paul; Stocken, Deborah D.; Thick, Tony; Le Couteur, Ann
2009The interrelation between legal and clinical insanity in criminal lawD'Amato, Anton
2018The link between social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and delinquencyAgius, Ryan
2013Mental disorder as vulnerable ground for evil : the disconnection between medicine and religionCassar, Joyce
2009Midwives' knowledge of antenatal depressionTeuma, Diana
2016Neuropsychological study of IQ scores in offspring of parents with bipolar I disorderSharma, Aditya; Camilleri, Nigel; Grunze, Heinz; Barron, Evelyn; Le Couteur, James; Close, Andrew; Rushton, Steven; Kelly, Thomas; Ferrier, Ian Nicol; Le Couteur, Ann
2011Nurses' experience of caring for patients with dementia in a long-term residence for the elderly.Bugeja, Redenta
2012Nurses' perception of promoting adherence to medications suffering from mental illness.Azzopardi, Carmen
2011Nurses' perceptions regarding comorbid insomnia for patients within and acute psychiatric ward : a quantitative studyGalea, Glenville
2009The nurses' perceptions regarding the causes of the revolving door syndrome.Vella, Mary
2009Patients' perceptions and feelings about electroconvulsive therapy before and after treatmentMagro, Antonio
2007Perceived stigma shadowing mental illness : public opinionCilia, Rita
2006The perception of the admission procedure at Mount Carmel Hospital : involuntary admitted patients' views : a qualitative studyFarrugia, Silvana