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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bejn sħab u duħħanBriffa, Vince; Zammit, Michael
2014Bil-qala u l-moqdief 4 : programs 9 and 10Xuereb, Charles
2003Black and white photographyGalea, Deborah (2003)
2016Building images : objectivity vs subjectivity in architectural photographsVassallo, Julian (2016)
2013Cultural diversity : secondary school students' perspectiveCilia, Randall R. (2013)
2012Devising multimedia theatre with young performers : documenting the Marinando Festival's XANDRU U X-XIXA (X&X)Gatt, Isabelle
2012Every portrait tells a story : a study of the transposition of traditional portrait values into contemporary portrait photographyFrendo, Daniela (2012)
2015Evidence in photography : the fine difference between objective and subjective photographyBesançon, Laura
2018The evolution of the photographic camera selfies and why we take themAbela, Gabriel
2014The evolving social perception and the meaning of the nude in modern contemporary Maltese art (1950-2014)Caruana, Alessia
2023Exploring the relevance of analogue photography in a digital worldHadfield-Jones, Elise (2023)
2014-01Faithful and disappointing : reflections on the idea of IdolaCorby, James
2020Foreword [Survivors II]Briffa, Vince
2019The ghosts within : a practical visualisation of subjective cues for memory retrievalFarrell, Etienne
2024-01Hamsa u Ghoxrin : Programmes 1 - 13Inizjamed
2019Immersive captures : the use of augmented and virtual reality as tools for reliving memoryGatt, Zoë Louise
2022In plain sight : exploring notions of identity, genderfluidity and self-representation through an expanded photographic practiceGrima, Hayden (2022)
2021In reenactment : reconstructing memories through fictitious narrativeFarrugia, Martina (2021)
2016In the wake of dreams : an exploration of dream topology through an interactive installationPace, Sara
2018Instant photographyPisani, Charlo