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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1958The actions for passing off and for the infringement of registered trade marks in Maltese lawManché, Albert R.
1958Contracts which negative the right of pre-emptionLia, Carmelo
1958Historical background and other aspects relating to the crime of false pretences (truffa)Heywood, Paul
1964Defilement of minors : a comparative studyCortis, E. W.
1958The relationship between social assistance and the law of maintenance in terms of Section 26 of the National Assistance Act 1956Gatt, Anthony
1958The concept of domicile in private international law in MaltaCamilleri, Frank G.
1958Gaming and betting under Maltese law with special reference to the civil codeCamilleri, Albert G.
1969A comparative study of partnership en nom collectif in Maltese, Italian and English lawButtigieg, John
1979The concept of 'taking, gain, obtaining and appropriation' in crimes against propertyBorg Cole, Siegfried
1975The ultra vires doctrine in the context of Maltese delegated legislationBruno, Vanni
1971Precontractual responsibilityBisazza, Victor John
1973Problems connected with Unica Charta willsBianchi, Louis R.
1971The warranty for latent defects in the law of saleBajada, Victor
1983Grounds of annulment of marriages with special reference to defects of a psychological nature in the light of the 1981 amendments to the marriage act, 1975Attard, Abigail
1984The fundamental law of the treaty of RomeZammit, Victor
2005The competence of the European Union in matters of taxationZammit, Timothy
2008Striking a balance between the offence of incitement to racial hatred and the right to freedom of expression : recent European developments and their likely impact on the Maltese jurisdictionZammit, Stephanie
2006The constitutionality of the European Union ActZammit, Silvana
2009A review of the electronic communications regulatory framework : subsidiarity vs centralisationZammit Southernwood, Karen
2005The emerging European corporate governance modelZammit, Ruth
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1485

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