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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Agricultural Engineering Studies meeting the FEANI and EurAgEng criteriaAttard, George
2005Sustainable rural land management in the Maltese Islands : an evaluation of policy instruments and future needsAvertano, Role; Muscat, Josianne; Camilleri, Sharlo; Camilleri, Peter; Scicluna, Keith; Sammut, Sonya J.; Attard, George
2016Environmental impact evaluation of dairy farms through life cycle assessment : a case study in MaltaProietti, Lavinia; Pauselli, Mariano; Paolotti, Luisa; Attard, George
2015Genetic differentiation between Segugio dell’Appennino and Segugio Maremmano dog breeds assessed by microsatellite markersLa Manna, Vincenzo; Lasagna, Emiliano; Ceccobelli, Simone; Lorenzo, Piera di; Cosmo, Attilio M. de; Attard, George; Sarti, Francesca M.; Panella, Francesco; Renieri, Carlo
2015The first mitochondrial survey on the current population of the Maltese cattle breed testifies a strong and significant founder effect and a maternal influence from Northern EuropeCardinali, Irene; Lancioni, Hovirag; Lorenzo, Piera di; Ceccobelli, Simone; Rosario Capodiferro, Marco; Fichera, Alessandro; Gruppetta, Anthony; Attard, George; Lasagna, Emiliano; Achilli, Alessandro
2008Soil problems in Malta : addressing current threats through strategic measuresRole, Avertano; Attard, George
2008Definition of the emerging bio-systems engineering disciplines in EuropeAttard, George
2014Origin and complete breed standard of Maltese black breedAttard, George; Aquilina, Philip; Ceccobelli, Simone; Ridler, Robert; Castellini, Cesare; Lasagna, Emiliano
2015Genetic diversity and phylogeographic structure of sixteen Mediterranean chicken breeds assessed with microsatellites and mitochondrial DNACeccobelli, Simone; Lorenzo, Piera di; Lancioni, Hovirag; Monteagudo Ibanez, Luis; Tejedor, M. T.; Castellini, Cesare; Landi, Vincenzo; Martinez Martinez, Amparo; Delgado Bermejo, Jean Vicente; Vega Pla, J. L.; Leon Jurado, J. M.; Garcia, N.; Attard, George; Grimal, Amparo; Stojanovic, Srdjan; Kume, K.; Panella, Francesco; Weigend, Steffen; Lasagna, Emiliano
2015The role of mitochondrial DNA to determine the origin of domestic chickenLorenzo, Piera di; Ceccobelli, Simone; Panella, Francesco; Attard, George; Lasagna, Emiliano
2015An overview of Maltese breed of cattle through mitochondrial DNALancioni, Hovirag; Lorenzo, Piera di; Ceccobelli, Simone; Cardinali, Irene; Perego, Ugo; Gruppetta, Anthony; Attard, George; Achilli, Alessandro; Lasagna, Emiliano
2016Survey of uniparental genetic markers in the Maltese cattle breed reveals a significant founder effect but does not indicate local domesticationLancioni, Hovirag; Lorenzo, Piera di; Cardinali, Irene; Ceccobelli, Simone; Rosario Capodiferro, Marco; Fichera, Alessandro; Grugni, Viola; Semino, Ornella; Ferretti, Luca; Gruppetta, Anthony; Attard, George; Achilli, Alessandro; Lasagna, Emiliano
2005An overview of irrigation system performance on the island of MaltaAttard, George; Azzopardi, Ernest
2008The evolution of water culture in Malta : an analysis of the changing perceptions towards water throughout the agesSapiano, Manuel; Micallef, Paul; Attard, George; Zammit, Marie-Louise
2000Water resources management in Malta : cultural heritage and legal and administrative set-upMicallef, Paul; Attard, George; Mangion, John
2005Treated sewage effluent - an alternative water supply for irrigation in the Maltese IslandMangion, John; Micallef, Paul; Attard, George
2006Summarized state of art of animal housing in warm/hot climate : productive traitsAraba, Abdelilah; Torres, Antonio G.; Maltz, Epraim; Moura, Daniella J.; Attard, George; Cascone, Giovanni; Naas, Irenilza Alencar; Sallvik, Krister; Hatem, Mohamed H.; Panagakis, Panos; Zappavigna, Paolo; Kic, Pavel; Pedersen, Soren; Fitas Cruz, Vasco; Blanes Vidal, Victoria
2006Alternative products by the livestock sector in MaltaAttard, George
2007Challenges and opportunities in the rural development plan for MaltaAttard, George
2010Agriculture adaptation in climate change : adaptation reportSpiteri Gingell, David; Seychell, Martin; Attard, George; Borg, Simone; Cremona, Marco; Sammut, Charles; Muscat, Mark; Camilleri, George; Debono, Robert; The Climate Change Committee for Adaptation (CCCA)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 232