International Recognition for Maltese Telecommunications Engineering Researchers A Paper by two University of Malta researchers has been awarded the prestigious Best Poster Paper at the IEEE Region 8 EUROCON 2007 – The International Conference on Computer as a tool. The research paper entitled “An Evaluation of Neural Network Architecture Performance in Wireless Geo-Location” was authored by Ing. Julian K. Buhagiar and Dr Ing. Carl James Debono. The conference was held between the 9 th and 12 th September in Warsaw, Poland. Over 400 papers presented during the technical sessions by participants from 50 countries. The award was presented during the Gala Dinner that was held on the evening of the 11 th September. The paper was motivated by the requirements of wireless geo-location applications which need robust algorithms that are capable of locating and/or tracking wireless users requesting the service. Specifically it deals with a comparative study between standard neural network architectures in order to determine the best performer in wireless user location estimation applications. The conclusion reached is that self-organising architectures perform better than their supervised counterparts.

Ing. Julian K, Buhagiar is currently reading a Ph.D. degree at the University of Malta. He currently works with a London-based firm as a consultant for wireless network vendors, operators and the telecoms industry in general.

Dr Ing. Carl James Debono is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Communications and Computer Engineering of the Faculty of Information & Communication Technology at the University of Malta.