Prof. Carmel Vassallo

Prof. Carmel Vassallo

Prof. Carmel Vassallo



Room 102
Old Humanities Building (OH)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2979
Carmel Vassallo's duties at the UoM are as follows:

1) Head of the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies
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2) Coordinator of the Mediterranean Maritime History Network
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3) Maritime History Editor at the Journal of Mediterranean Studies
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  • Maritime History
  • Spanish and Latin American History

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  • SPA1003 - An Overview of Spanish History
  • SPA1013 - Christians, Muslims and Jews in Al-Andalus
  • SPA1018 - An Introduction to Latin America
  • SPA1019 - An Introduction to Spain
  • SPA2003 - An Overview of Latin American History
  • SPA2019 - Imperial Spain
  • SPA3006 - Synoptic Study-Unit (Contemporary Spain)
Member of the Editorial Boards of:
1) International Journal of Maritime History
2) Research in Maritime History
3) Journal of Mediterranean Studies.