Ms. Denise Baldacchino

Denise Baldacchino received the Bachelors in Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Malta in 2017.  After presenting her undergraduate dissertation, ‘Attitude Control of a Pico-Satellite’, Denise presented the publication ‘Review and Feasibility of Active Attitude Control and Detumbling for the UoMBSat-1 PocketQube Pico-Satellite’ at the MED2017 conference, in July 2017.

After graduation, Denise worked for over a year as a Lift Inspection Engineer with TVI services.  She is now currently an Innovation Engineer within Toly Products Ltd.   In her role, along with the rest of the Innovation team, she is responsible for the development of blue-sky product development for both internal and external projects. 

Denise is also working as a part-time researcher within the RIDE+SAFE team. 

Roles/duties in the project: To execute research tasks in the M.Sc. by Research, to critically review existing control system algorithms deployed for similar applications, to mathematically model and design the control algorithm required for the simulator, to compile research papers, reports, perform any other project related task as instructed by the project coordinator and key experts.

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