Study-Unit Description

Study-Unit Description


TITLE History, Memory and Identity

LEVEL 03 - Years 2, 3, 4 in Modular Undergraduate Course


DEPARTMENT Anthropological Sciences

DESCRIPTION This study-unit examines recent work on three interrelated topics that have received much anthropological attention: history, memory and identity. Rather than looking at how in the course of their lives men enter into definite social relations for the purposes of production and reproduction, we will be examining how men and women in the course of their lives negotiate and contest the production of memories, relating these to the ever shifting nature of their social experiences, and in so doing constitute their identities. And we shall be doing so by looking at people and groups 'on the margins'; people, groups, and genders who, in contrast to 'Europe', in the words of Eric Wolf 'have no history' (and this includes the Europe with 'no history'). At issue here are fundamental concerns for the anthropological enterprise: how do we write our anthropologies, and what is the relationship between the disciplines of history (which examines the memories of and from history) and anthropology (which may well examine the histories of memories and who they 'belong' to)? This study-unit at present is intensive and consists of daily lectures and seminars over a two-week period. The first hour is normally devoted to class presentations on current reading, the second hour to a discussion/lecture.

Reading List

A Reader of selected texts will be available.

Central Texts:
- James Fentress & Chris Wickham (1992) Social Memory. Blackwell: Oxford.
- Halbwachs M. (1992) On Collective Memory. Edited, translated and with an introduction by L. Coser. Univ of Chicago Press: Chicago.
- Connerton Paul (1989) How Societies Remember. CUP: Cambridge;
- Bourguet M.N., Valensi L., Wachtel N. (1990) Between Memory and Identity. Harwood Academic Publishers: London.
- Anderson B. (1991) Imagined Communities. London: Verso.
- Francoise Zonabend (1984) The enduring memory. Manchester: University Press.
- Hastrup K. (ed) (1992) Other Histories. Routledge: London..
- Tonkin E., McDonald M., Chapman M. (eds) History and Ethnicity (eds).
- Seremetakis C. Nadia (ed) (1994)The Senses Still. Perception and Memory as Material Culture in Modernity.
- Pierre Nora (1989) Between Memory and History: Les Lieux de Memoire, Representations 26, Spring Paul Sant Cassia: Tourism, Tradition and Memory in Malta. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Vol 5 No 2 (1999) pp247-263.


Assessment Component/s Resit Availability Weighting
Assignment Yes 100%

LECTURER/S Paul Sant Cassia

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