Study-Unit Description

Study-Unit Description


TITLE Proficiency in Italian 2: elementary level A2

LEVEL 01 - Year 1 in Modular Undergraduate Course



DESCRIPTION This pre-intermediate study-unit is dedicated to the study of the Italian language and Italian civilization. It is designed for students whose knowledge is limited to simple phrases and common Italian expressions. It combines basic grammar, vocabulary and communication skills studied in real life situations.

Study-unit Aims:

- To enable students to read and create simple texts;
- To allow students to participate in conversations based on simple topics;
- To improve awareness of the main grammatical aspects of Italian.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Knowledge & Understanding:
By the end of the study-unit the student will be able to:

- understand isolated phrases and common expressions that relate to areas of high personal relevance (such as personal or family information, immediate environment, and place of work);
- communicate in everyday situations which require a basic and direct information exchange on familiar subjects;
- use simple words, describe their surroundings and communicate immediate needs.

2. Skills:
By the end of the study-unit the student will be able to:

- understand everyday conversations, brief radio announcements or phone messages;
- retrieve information from short newspaper articles, advertisements and public notice boards;
- write messages about their own familiar contexts;
- introduce themselves and exchange personal details in a conversation;
- ask and answer questions in conversations about everyday topics.

Main Text/s and any supplementary readings:

Matteo La Grassa, L’italiano all’università 1 : corso di lingua per studenti stranieri : A1-A2, Roma, Edilingua, 2011.

A course pack with a selection of theoretical and critical readings will be made available.

ADDITIONAL NOTES Pre-Requisite Study-units: Certificate of Language Proficiency: Italian 1

STUDY-UNIT TYPE Lecture and Practicum

Assessment Component/s Assessment Due Resit Availability Weighting
Oral Examination (15 Minutes) SEM2 Yes 40%
Examination (2 Hours) SEM2 Yes 60%

LECTURER/S Glen Bonnici

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