Study-Unit Description

Study-Unit Description


TITLE Video Production 2

LEVEL 03 - Years 2, 3, 4 in Modular Undergraduate Course


DEPARTMENT Media and Communications

DESCRIPTION Video Production 2 is designed to strengthen skills acquired during the Video Production 1 unit through theory and practice. Students will be trained in specific aspects of the production process, with particular emphasis on lighting techniques, audio recording, colour correction, the use of on-screen graphics and more complex editing styles. They will also be expected to discuss and analyse critically, different genres of production shown in class and during tutorials.

Tutorials are an integral part of the unit as students will have the opportunity to present ideas and discuss their own ongoing productions. This one-on-one time is essential as the focus is on the individual difficulties that students invariably face during the production process.

Study-Unit Aims:

This study-unit aims to provide students with an opportunity to acquire key principles and techniques used in lighting for video production. The use of basic on-screen graphics is explained. The unit also aims to give students skills in mixing sound and recording narration.

The study-unit builds on previous video production units and gives students the possibility of producing original more complex productions, while being able to critique their own and their classmates’ work using critical analysis and constructive comments.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Knowledge & Understanding:
By the end of the study-unit the student will be able to:

- Comprehend the use of on screen graphics;
- Evaluate different styles of voice-overs and narration;
- Understand the objectives or specific lighting-set-ups;
- Identify and select the appropriate soundtrack for different types of productions;
- Critically assess and compare and contrast a variety of video production genres.

2. Skills:
By the end of the study-unit the student will be able to:

- Create on screen graphics;
- Script and record their own narration;
- Identify and select the appropriate soundtrack for different types of productions;
- Organise a number of lighting set-ups with specific objectives;
- Conduct intermediate level video editing.

Main Text/s and any supplementary readings:

- THOMPSON, Roy & BOWEN, Christopher J. (2009) Grammar of the Shot. (2nd edition) Oxford: Focal Press.
- THOMPSON, Roy (2009) Grammar of the Edit. (2nd edition) Oxford: Focal Press.

ADDITIONAL NOTES Pre-requisite Study-unit: MCS2020

STUDY-UNIT TYPE Lecture and Tutorial

Assessment Component/s Assessment Due Resit Availability Weighting
Project SEM1 Yes 100%

LECTURER/S Matthew Galea
Monika Maslowska
Louiselle Vassallo (Co-ord.)
Daniel Zerafa

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