Study-Unit Description

Study-Unit Description


TITLE Mentored Practice

LEVEL 03 - Years 2, 3, 4 in Modular Undergraduate Course


DEPARTMENT Media and Communications

DESCRIPTION An assessable mentored project intended to provide students with the possibility of focusing on one area of Media and Communications, and doing independent study, and/or project work with the help of an appointed tutor/mentor. It can be given as a one-to-one or in small group settings.

Once the student chooses his/her preferred area of study from the range offered by Media and Communications, a tutor is appointed who assigns work that can be of a secondary research or practical nature, or both. The work is carried out by the student within a time-frame agreed upon with the tutor, who will then assess the work and discuss it with the student. This can also be done in a small-group setting where peer evaluation is also carried out. Students will modify work set based on comments made in the tutorial sessions. The discussion between the tutor/mentor and the student/s is intended to consolidate choices of areas of focus made by the student.

Study-Unit Aims:

The mentored practice aims to provide students with an opportunity to:

- develop an area of focus from those available in the areas of Media and Communications;
- develop their capacity for practical and effective media and communications work through direct contact with a tutor/mentor and peers working within the same area of focus;
- discuss difficulties and strengths with specialists in their area;
- work individually on a project that strengthens their knowledge of their area of focus.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Knowledge & Understanding
By the end of the study-unit the student will be able to:

- have a more holistic view of one area of focus from within those offered by the Media and Communications course;
- problematise and solve issues related to independent study.

2. Skills
By the end of the study-unit the student will be able to:

- demonstrate the application of theory to practice, in his/her writing and in his/her discussion of work done;
- work collaboratively with a tutor/mentor and/or peers to bring a secondary research and/or practical project to fruition;
- problem solve difficulties related to individual project work in one area of Media and Communications.

Main Text/s and any supplementary readings:

Dependent on individual student choice of area of focus and tutor/mentor suggestions.

STUDY-UNIT TYPE Seminar and Independent Study

Assessment Component/s Assessment Due Resit Availability Weighting
Project SEM2 Yes 100%


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