Study-Unit Description

Study-Unit Description


TITLE Social Psychology

LEVEL 01 - Year 1 in Modular Undergraduate Course



DESCRIPTION This study-unit discusses how individual and group behaviour is influenced by the actual or implied presence of other people. Students are introduced to the study of social behaviour from a social psychological perspective. Key theoretical concepts in social psychology and their application to everyday life will be discussed.

Study- Unit Aims:

This study-unit provides an overview of social psychology, focusing on its main theories and classic studies and findings. It will address issues such as person perception, attitudes and attitude change, groups and group processes.

Learning Outcomes:

1.Knowledge and Understanding:

- Gain insight into how we perceive ourselves and other people;
- Demonstrate knowledge of group dynamics;
- Demonstrate knowledge on how attitudes are formed and changed;
- Demonstrate knowledge of how attitudes influence behaviours.


- Analyse group behavior;
- Identify biases in perception;
- Become aware of how and when attitudes influence behaviour;
- Describe how we perceive self and others.

Required Text:

- Crisp, R.J. & Turner R.N. (2014) Essential Social Psychology (3rd ed.).London . Sage.
- Hogg, M.A., & Vaughaun, G. (2018). Social Psychology (8th ed.). Essex: Pearson Education.

Reading List:

- Mainstead, A. & Hewstone, M. (2017). The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Psychology. Oxford: Blackwell.

ADDITIONAL NOTES This study-unit is only offered to students with Psychology as an area of study and B.Ed. (Hons) PSD students.

Pre-requisite Study-units: PSY1610


Assessment Component/s Assessment Due Resit Availability Weighting
Multiple Choice Questions Examination (2 Hours) SEM2 Yes 100%

LECTURER/S Lorleen Farrugia
Mary Anne Lauri

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