Study-Unit Description

Study-Unit Description


TITLE Youth Work Core Skills 3

LEVEL 01 - Year 1 in Modular Undergraduate Course


DEPARTMENT Youth and Community Studies

DESCRIPTION This study-unit will help engage students with the theoretical aspects of leadership and motivation as well as the leadership and motivational skills required to enable them work with young people in groups. Group leadership may range from being formalised and structured around specific processes, activities and groups to less formal and unstructured settings and group contexts. The dynamics and processes of leadership and the skills required to facilitate and work with a range of groups in differing settings will be presented.

Study-unit Aims:

• Preparing students to be more effective team members, team leaders and team facilitators and develop strategies to build on their strengths in team membership and leadership and to address areas needing improvement;

• Enabling students to diagnose the impact of individual perceptions, values, biases, and styles, interpersonal dynamics, intergroup issues and the organizational context on team effectiveness.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Knowledge & Understanding:

By the end of the study-unit the student will be able to:

• Understand the nature of leadership and motivational processes;
• Understand how young people learn in groups and the part groups play in young people’s development;
• Analyse the role of the community youth worker (particularly the youth worker’s education and leadership function) in relation to implementing social change policy.

2. Skills:

By the end of the study-unit the student will be able to:

• Reflect upon and analyse the experience of learning;
• Reflect on the ability to develop, and take responsibility for, relationships with young people in groups;
• Take on differing facilitation roles and interventions in response to identified needs and specific contexts.

Main Text/s and any supplementary readings:

• Barnes, P. (2002). Leadership with Young People, Lyme Regis: Russell House Publishing
• Cain, J. & Joliff Barry (1998) Team work and Team play, Kendall Hunt Publishers
• Harrison, R., Benjamin, C., Curran, S. & Hunter, R., (2005) Leading Work with Young People, London: Open University Press.


ADDITIONAL NOTES Please note that this study-unit is held in the Evening.

STUDY-UNIT TYPE Lecture, Ind Study, Group Learning and Tutorials

Assessment Component/s Assessment Due Resit Availability Weighting
Reflective Diary See note below No 25%
Workshop See note below No 35%
Competencies See note below Yes 40%
Note: Assessment due will vary according to the study-unit availability.

LECTURER/S Josef Debono

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