The Rules of the Game

The Election-related Constitutional Provision [PDF]
The text of the various constitutional provisions which deal specifically with the electoral system.

The Election Law [PDF]
This complete text of the General Elections Act is a fairly long document containing a wealth of regulations about every aspect of Maltese elections. It includes the various amendments of 1996 and several of the Schedules attached to the Act.

The Vote-Counting Mechanics of STV in Malta [PDF]
The "Handbook for Calculators" was prepared for the people who counted the votes in 1996. It gives a full explanation of the counting process, plus provisions on maintaining the security and accuracy of the whole process. (For comparison, consult the vote counting regulations for STV elections to the Australian Senate.)

"Who Needs Transfer Votes?"
A speculative note on the significance and necessity of using transfer votes in Malta's elections under STV.