Contributed Talks

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The purpose of this conference is to share and discuss a whole spectrum of topics within the interrelated fields of graph theory and combinatorics. This conference aims to bring together researchers and mathematicians from across all the continents, varying from researchers in the initial stages of their career to others who are very renowned in their area.

Contributions in any area of graph theory and combinatorics are welcome. Participants will be invited to deliver a 20-minute talk by submitting an abstract of their talk. All abstracts will be refereed and acceptance depends on the reviewers’ feedback. The accepted abstracts will be published in a Conference Booklet of Abstracts. Abstracts will be accepted from 1 December 2016 and the deadline for the submission of abstracts has been extended to 30 April 2017.

This conference is endorsed by the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS).

Submission Instructions for Authors ***The period for submissions is now closed***
Papers must be prepared using the LaTeX template provided. Both the TEX and the PDF files should be submitted by e-mail on The closing date for the submission of abstracts has been extended to 30 April 2017. Acceptance depends on the reviewers’ feedback and will be communicated to the author by 15 May 2017.

Facilities for contributed talks

Titles of contributed talks

Surname Name Title of Talk
Abiad Aida An application of Hoffman graphs for spectral characterizations of graphs
Acan Huseyin Formation of a giant component in the intersection graph of a random chord diagram
Adachi Toshiaki Vertex transitive Kähler graphs whose adjacency operators are commutative
Afzali Borujeni Seyed Hadi Investigating posets via their maximal chains: a Sperner type approach
Akhtar Yasmeen Baranyai's Theorem for Completeness of Bipartite Induced Subhypergraph
Angeleska Angela Coherent Graph Partitions
Asayama Yoshihiro Generating theorem of even triangulation on the Klein bottle
Asciak Kevin Joseph Graphs with large vertex and edge reconstruction number
Asratian Armen Localization theorems on Hamilton cycles
Bailey Robert Orthogonal matrices with zero diagonal
Barát János Extremal K5-minor-free graphs with fixed girth
Bebiano Natália Real spectra in non-Hermitian operators
Behmaram Afshin Counting Matchings in a class of Fullerene Graphs
Bhatti Faqir M. Minimum Spanning Tree of the Inner Dualist of Honeycomb Graphs
Bilge Ayşe Hümeyra An Equivalence Class Decomposition of Finite Metric Spaces via Gromov Products
Boccia Maurizio Simple Pattern Minimality Problem: two variants and heuristic approaches
Bonvicini Simona Non-existence of indecomposable 1-factorizations of the complete multigraph λK2n
Borg Martha Bipartite graphs in the SSP model of ballistic conduction
Borg Peter Cross-intersecting families
Boruzanlı Ekinci Gülnaz On the Super Connectivity of Kneser graphs and Johnson graphs
Brause Christoph On χ-binding functions for the classes of P5-, 2K2-, and K1,3-free graphs
Bujtás Csilla Clique coverings and claw-free graphs
Caputo Jean-Guy Exploring soft graphs
Casablanca Rocio M. Generalized connectivity and strong product graph
Chen Yen Hung The Clustered and Bottleneck Clustered Selected-Internal Steiner Tree Problems
Clarke Nancy E. Skolem Labellings of Graphs with Large Chordless Cycles
Codara Pietro Independent Sets of Families of Graphs via Finite State Automata
Çolakoğlu Havare Özge The Forgotten Topological Index of some Carbon Base Nanomaterials
Crnkovic Dean A construction of regular Hadamard matrices
da Cruz Henrique F. The number of P-vertices in a matrix with maximum nullity
De Bruyn Bart On the Mathon bound for regular near hexagons
de Wet Johan The Hamilton Cycle Problem for locally traceable and locally Hamiltonian graphs
De Winter Stefaan Recent progress on partial difference sets in Abelian groups
Del-Vecchio Renata R. New results on distance spectrum of special classes of trees
Deshpande Charusheela Degree Sequences of Hypergraphs, Self-Complementary and Almost Self-Complementary 3-uniform Hypergraphs
Dosal-Trujillo Loiret A. The Fibonacci numbers of the composition of graphs
Duy Doan Trung 2-proper connection of graphs
Dzido Tomasz Restricted size Ramsey numbers for some graphs
Ellingham Mark Toughness and treewidth
Erdős Peter L. Navigating Between Packings of Graphic Sequences
Falcón Raúl M. Autotopism stabilized colouring games on rook's graphs
Farrugia Alexander Edge Construction of Molecular NSSDs
Fenech Kurt Irregular independence and irregular domination
Fernandes Rosário Existence theorems for nonnegative integral matrices with given line sums
Fraser Jay Elementary Derivation of the Hoffman-Singleton Graph and its Automorphism Group
Fresán Figueroa Julián Alberto The fixed score tree graph
Frick Marietjie Hypohamiltonian and Hypotraceable Oriented Graphs
Furmańczyk Hanna Equitable Colorings of l-Corona Products of Cubic Graphs
Furtado Susana Minimal Matrices in the Bruhat Order for Symmetric (0,1)-Matrices
Gévay Gábor Resolvable configurations
Goldfeder Ilan A. Sufficient conditions for the existence of alternating Hamiltonian paths and cycles in 2-edge-coloured multigraphs
Golumbic Martin Charles The Edge Intersection Graphs of Paths on a Grid
Greaves Gary On the clique number of a strongly regular graph
Gropp Harald Maltese mathematics in the 16th and 17th century
Gropp Harald Orbital matrices and configurations with natural index
Gu Yujie Parent-identifying set systems
Hansen Pierre The distance Laplacian matrix of graphs
Hernando Carmen Extremal values in graphs for metric-locating-dominating partitions
Hilton Anthony J.W. Several families with incomparability and complementarity conditions
Hudry Olivier Complexity results on dominating codes
Hurlbert Glenn Pebbling in Chordal Graphs
Ihringer Ferdinand The largest t-intersecting Erdos-Ko-Rado sets of polar spaces
Isaev Mikhail Bridging the gap between sparse and dense
Jaume Daniel A. Number of maximum independent sets on trees
Jørgensen Leif K. Total graph coherent configurations: new graphs from large Moore graphs
Justel Claudia Dynamic Graph Outerplanarity in linear worst case time
Kalinowski Rafał Symmetry Breaking in Graphs and the 1-2-3 Conjecture
Kamat Vikram M On Chvatal's conjecture and Erdos-Ko-Rado Graphs
Katona Gyula Y. Complexity questions for minimally t-tough graphs
Kaya Ezgi On the transmission non-regularity of graphs
Kiss György Edge-girth-regular graphs
Knop Dušan Target Set Selection in Dense Graph Classes
Kokkala Janne On small strength two covering arrays
Kubiak Wieslaw The complexity of minimum-length path decompositions
Kubicka Ewa Chromatic Sum for Total Colorings of Graphs
Kubicki Grzegorz Boundary-type sets in maximal outerplanar graphs
Kupavskii Andrey Intersecting families
Lauri Josef Stanley Fiorini’s work after edge-colouring
Lazebnik Felix Cycles in sparse graphs
Leopardi Paul Classifying bent functions by their Cayley graphs
Lewis Robert A family of largest-known degree 15 circulant graphs of arbitrary diameter
Liskovets Valery Enumeration of self-complementary circulant graphs of prime-power orders: old and new results
Maden A. Dilek On the Incidence and Laplacian-like Energies of (bipartite) graphs
Malnič Aleksander Vertex and edge transitive graphs over doubled cycles
Manoussakis Yannis Algorithmic and structural results on the existence of tropical subgraphs in vertex-colored graphs
Marbach Trent G. Intersection of transversals in the Latin square Bn, with applications to Latin trades
Masařík Tomáš Parameterized complexity of metatheorems of fair deletion problems
Mazzuoccolo Guiseppe Colourings of cubic graphs inducing isomorphic monochromatic subgraphs
Merkle Daniel Analytic Combinatorics, Graph Transformations, and Stereochemistry
Meslem Kahina On the Distinguishing Number of Cyclic Tournaments: Towards the Albertson-Collins Conjecture
Miklós Dezső The Vertex Sign Balance of (Hyper)graphs
Montero Leandro Distances between bicliques and structural properties of bicliques in graphs
Muscat Joseph On the Perron-Frobenius Theorem for reducible non-negative matrices
Nagy Dániel T. Forbidden subposet problems with size restrictions
Nagy Zoltán Lóránt New bound on the size of saturating sets of projective planes
Nakamoto Atsuhiro Rhombus tilings of an even-sided polygon and projective quadrangulations
Năstase Esmeralda The maximum size of a partial spread in a finite vector space
Nishio Kengo How to represent polyhedra, polyhedral tilings, and polytopes
Nittoor Vivek S. A new approach to catalog small graphs of high girth
Papp László F. Optimal Pebbling and Rubbling of Graphs with Given Diameter
Pastuszak Krzysztof Interval edge colorings of (k*,2*)-bipartite graphs with bounded degree
Patkós Balázs Generalized forbidden subposet problems
Patra Kamal Lochan Center, centroid and subtree core of trees
Pavlík Jan Unified treatment of graphs and metric spaces
Pavlíková Sona Inverses of Graphs
Pilśniak Monika Improving Upper Bounds for the Distinguishing Index
Pinto Daniel Nonorientable Hypermaps of a given Type and Genus
Przybyło Jakub Asymptotically optimal adjacent vertex distinguishing edge choice number
Pulaj Jonad Cutting Planes for Union-Closed Families
Rǎdulescu Anca Nonlinear network dynamics under perturbations of the underlying graph
Ramos Rivera Alejandra Arc-Transitive Maps with underlying Rose Window Graphs
Repolusk Polona Toll number of the Cartesian and lexicographic product of graphs
Rinaldi Gloria Indecomposable 1-factorizations of complete multigraphs
Roca Alicia The cardinality of the lattice of characteristic subspaces
Rukavina Sanja Quasi-symmetric 2-(64,24,46) designs derived from AG(3,4)
Sahoo Binod Kumar Vertex connectivity of the power graph of a finite cyclic group
Sahu Bikramaditya Blocking sets of certain line sets to a hyperbolic quadric in PG(3,q), q even
Šajna Mateja On the Spouse-Loving Variant of the Oberwolfach Problem
Sali Attila Forbidden Pairs of Minimal Quadratic and Cubic Configurations
Samuel Tamene Kenfack Dominating sets in Circulant graphs
Saputro Suhadi Wido On the fractional metric dimension of Mycielski graphs
Satake Shohei Explicit constructions of Ramanujan graphs
Saygı Elif Boundary Enumerator Polynomial of Hypercubes in Fibonacci Cubes
Schiermeyer Ingo Maximum independent sets near the upper bound
Sciriha Irene Fixed Parameter Tractable Algebraic Algorithm for a Hamiltonian Graph
Sedlar Jelena On types of topological indices with respect to their edge contribution function
Sharaf Khidir R. Nullity of Zero Divisor Graph of a Polynomial Ring
Šiagiová Jana A unifying approach to constructions of Cayley graphs asymptotically approaching the Moore bound for diameters 2 and 3
Simanjuntak Rinovia Distance Magic Labelings of Distance Regular Graphs
Simonyi Gábor Orientations in several rounds making k-cycles cyclic at least once
Soltész Dániel Extremal questions for permutations
Šparl Primož On the radius and the attachment number of tetravalent half-arc-transitive graphs
Stephen Sudeep On the zero forcing number of graphs with given girth and minimum degree
Taranenko Andrej Mixed metric dimension of graphs
Toft Bjarne Edge-colourings of graphs - a personal view
Toufar Tomáš Expanding expressive power of MSO logic: algorithms for dense graph classes
Tratnik Niko Structural Properties of Resonance Graphs
Tuite James Searching for digraphs with small excess
Tuza Zsolt Minimal alliances in graphs
Varga Kitti On the minimum degree of minimally 1-tough graphs
Vince Andrew Self-Similar Polygonal Tiling
Vizer Mate Non-adaptive versions of combinatorial group testing and majority problems
Vučičić Tanja Flag-transitive block designs with automorphism group Sn wr S2
Wang David Guoliang On the minimum vertex cover of generalized Petersen graphs
Wanless Ian Congruences for the Number of Transversals and Rainbow Matchings
Wilson Robin Early milestones in the edge-colouring of graphs
Wong Wing Hong Tony Games of vertex coloring
Zarb Christina Colouring Σ-Hypergraphs
Zelenyuk Yuliya Counting Symmetric Bracelets
Zemljič Sara Sabrina The Sierpiński product of graphs