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Procurement Directorate

 Financial Planning & Control/Cost Accounting

The Operation Section of the Finance Office is involved in the following:
a)    Budget Preparation – Recurrent Expenditure:

  • analysis and quantification of cost centre’s requirements
  • comparison and assessment against historical data
  • incorporation of requests in draft estimates
  • compiling of staff budgets:
  1. resident academic stream
  2. visiting academic stream
  3. administrative & support staff
  4. Junior College academic staff
  5. casual staff
  6. internal servicing by UoM staff
  7. internal servicing by JC staff
  • compiling of operational and maintenance budgets
  • compiling of other special budgets
  • submission of draft estimates for approval


b)  Budget Monitoring & Control – Recurrent Expenditure:

  • notification of approved budgets to budget holders
  • uploading of approved budgets in Agresso
  • monitoring of expenditure against approved budgets
  • revision and updating of budgets:
  1. monitoring recruitment and resignations against approved budgets
  2. monitoring overtime requests against approved budgets
  3. monitoring casual and additional work against approved budgets
  4. updating staff movements
  5. monitoring expenditure against operational & maintenance budgets
c)  Reporting  to Government and Government Entities:
  • compiling of monthly cashflow projections of recurrent expenditure against the government allocation to Ministry of Education and Finance
  • compiling of various questionnaires for NSO:
  1. quarterly questionnaires on government finance.
  2. annual questionnaire on government deficit & debt Levels.
  3. Annual questionnaire on balance of payment.
  4. Annual questionnaire on research & development.
d)  Administration of the Research Funds through the Research Fund Committee:

  • collection of applications and submission to committee
  • notification of approved allocations to applicants
  • Vetting of purchase orders against approved projects requirements
  • monitoring of expenditure against allocations

Financial Accounting

Payments and Cash Office:

  • issuing of receipts for payments received
  • processing payments due to local and foreign suppliers
  • identifying and allocating to correct departments receipts/payments received on bank statements
  • payments of petty cash claims to individuals, departments and visiting academics
  • reconciliation of bank accounts via Direct Data
  • monitoring of payments received into Euro bank account (research grants)
  • banking of all cash and cheque income including foreign currency/cheques

Cash Office opening hours can be view here.

The following payment methods are accepted:  Cash / Cheque
Payments should be accompanied by supporting paperwork i.e. invoice / remittance advice / Cash summary voucher.



This section is responsible for issuing student and commercial invoices and to ensure that these invoices are settled within the allowed credit period. Assistance is given to current and potential fee-paying students with regards to any queries they may have regarding course fees and their settlement.

Applicable course fees and related fees policy guidelines may be accessed from here.


If you have any suggestions or problems please call us on +356 2340 3164 or click here to contact us by email

Last Updated: 25 January 2011

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