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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Reasoning about explicit resource managementDevries, Edsko; Francalanza, Adrian; Hennessy, Matthew
2017Reliability and fault-tolerance by choreographic designCassar, Ian; Francalanza, Adrian; Mezzina, Claudio Antares; Tuosto, Emilio
2015Runtime adaptation for actor systemsCassar, Ian; Francalanza, Adrian
2010Runtime monitoring of distributed systemsFrancalanza, Adrian; Gauci, Andrew; Pace, Gordon J.
2017A runtime monitoring tool for actor-based systemsAttard, Duncan Paul; Cassar, Ian; Francalanza, Adrian; Aceto, Luca; Ingolfsdottir, Anna
2012-11Separation-based reasoning for deterministic channel-passing concurrent programsBorda, Aimee; Francalanza, Adrian
2012Simplifying contract-violating tracesColombo, Christian; Francalanza, Adrian; Grima, Ian
2017A survey of runtime monitoring instrumentation techniquesCassar, Ian; Francalanza, Adrian; Aceto, Luca; Ingolfsdottir, Anna
2015Synthesising correct concurrent runtime monitorsFrancalanza, Adrian; Seychell, Aldrin
2007A theory for observational fault toleranceFrancalanza, Adrian; Hennessy, Matthew
2016A theory of monitorsFrancalanza, Adrian
2008A theory of system behaviour in the presence of node and link failureFrancalanza, Adrian; Hennessy, Matthew
2012Towards a formalisation of Erlang failure and failure detectionFarrugia, Audrianne; Francalanza, Adrian
2015Towards a hybrid approach to software verificationDella Monica, Dario; Francalanza, Adrian
2012Towards a specification-based correctness of Erlang systems through asynchronous monitoringColombo, Christian; Francalanza, Adrian
2014-11Towards achieving efficient runtime enforcement for component based systemsCassar, Ian; Francalanza, Adrian
2013Towards an abstraction for remote evaluation in ErlangFrancalanza, Adrian; Zerafa, Tyron
2012-11Towards proof-theoretic interpretations for LTL monitoringCini, Clare; Francalanza, Adrian
2015-08Towards sound refactoring in erlangTanti, Erica; Francalanza, Adrian
2017Trace partitioning and local monitoring for asynchronous componentsAttard, Duncan Paul; Francalanza, Adrian