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OAR@UM is the UM's institutional repository (IR) and is managed by the UM Library. It is an online archive that collects, preserves and disseminates the intellectual output of the University. Subsequently, it is a vital tool for scholarly communication, preservation of knowledge and an important resource to enhance the visibility of the research carried out at the UM.

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  • Cremona, A. (Ghaqda tal-Malti, 1951)
    In this article, the author speaks about drama as entertainment, inside the Manoel Theater in Valletta Malta, from mid 18th century until the English period. The author mentions the Knights of St John era, the French and ...
  • Aquilina, Guze (Ghaqda tal-Malti, 1950)
    Guze Aquilina in these few paragraphs refers to the philology of the Maltese proverb "Il-bokra issewwi iz-zokra"
  • Ghigo, G. (Ghaqda tal-Malti, 1950)
    In this article, Ghigo refers to cardinal John Henry Newman and his visit to Malta.
  • Mifsud Bonnici, G.; Buttigieg, Anton; Farrugia, Gwann M. (Ghaqda tal-Malti, 1950)
    A collection of poems, short stories and drama including: Lilha by G. Mifsud Bonnici - Hames poeziji ta' Anton Buttigieg : Eternita`; Il-kewkba ta' filghaxija; (Tliet epigrammi) Vivi; Fidil; Mohhha mistrieh by A. Buttigieg ...
  • Muscat Azzopardi, Ivo (Ghaqda tal-Malti, 1951)
    In this article Muscat Azzopardi refers to egoism among some of the people. He mentions every day examples associated with egoism and says that if one is less egoistic, there will be less bad habits

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