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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Building resilience in health systemsBriguglio, Lino; Azzopardi-Muscat, Natasha
2018Developing an agenda for future health services research in MaltaTomaselli, Gianpaolo; Azzopardi-Muscat, Natasha; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Calleja, Neville; Grech, Kenneth
2018Health system challenges in small European states : what should the EU prioritize post 2020?Azzopardi-Muscat, Natasha; Tomaselli, Gianpaolo; Pace, Roderick
2018Health system resilience : an exploratory analysis of contributory factors in a small state health systemDemicoli, Bernardette; Azzopardi-Muscat, Natasha; Briguglio, Lino
2015How will personalised medicine change public health practice?Azzopardi-Muscat, Natasha
2017Malta : health system review 2017Azzopardi-Muscat, Natasha; Buttigieg, Stefan; Calleja, Neville; Merkur, Sherry
2018Malta : the national cancer plan : strengthening the systemButtigieg, Sandra C.; Grech, Kenneth; Azzopardi-Muscat, Natasha
2018Piccoli Paesi nel XXI secolo, come costruire sistemi sanitari resilienti e sostenibiliAzzopardi-Muscat, Natasha
2016Policy challenges and reforms in small EU member state health systems : a narrative literature reviewAzzopardi-Muscat, Natasha; Funk, Tjede; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Grech, Kenneth E.; Brand, Helmut
2015Public health leadership and governance in small states : implementing health 2020Azzopardi-Muscat, Natasha; Pace, Roderick; Briguglio, Lino : project findingsAzzopardi-Muscat, Natasha
2016Strengthening Malta’s health system resilience through retention and development of human resourcesAzzopardi-Muscat, Natasha; Briguglio, Lino; Ziglio, Erio
2017Strengthening the health workforce in small countriesAzzopardi-Muscat, Natasha; Orsini, Gisella